300 + Meal Planning

Today marks 300 posts on my blog. So much fun! I never thought, that when I began in this small little corner in the blogger world, that I would ever reach 300 posts. I stared the blog shortly after our wedding in summer 2011, so it's taken awhile to get here, but I've gotten so much better at making this part of my everyday routine and found that it's a really fun outlet to capture everyday life. It encourages me look for the "special" in otherwise mundane tasks ...sometimes looking for something to blog out shows me how many things have to be grateful for in my life! Simple things like planning out our meals for the week seem so much more exciting when I can share them with my blogger world. So, thank you! Thanks for reading, for following along, and for all the fun comments along the way.  Cheers to 300!!

Now, for our meal plan this week.

Monday Nights Meal

Sunday - Buffalo Blue Cheese Chicken Sausage and Cole Slaw (w/ southern dressing)
{Since I forgot to take a picture, I found this guys blog online - you guys, these were amazing! Pretty healthy too... less than 150 calories per dog and one the perfect portion!} 

Monday - Crab Cakes, Caramelized Carrots and Feta, and Cole Slaw {leftover!}

Tuesday - Crab Stuffed Flounder, Parmesan Couscous & Broccoli

Wednesday - PIZZA night!

Thursday - Spicy Red Pasta w/ spinach egg noodles and andouille sausage.
Found this recipe in Fresh Market, I'll have to share if it's worth tasting! 

Gosh, I just love a menu filled with fresh seafood and fun new dishes. Great week in the kitchen friends!

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