Thankful for Lex

Today has been certainly a week of highs and lows for me personally. Highs, lots! A great visit with AOII sisters on Sunday, beautiful weather with hints of spring all around, time for a yoga class, dinner with my hubs 4 nights in a row, and a fun visit home at the end of the week to look forward to!  As for lows, mostly just one low - the loss of a great man and icon here in our community. When you live in a small town, you really do know everyone by name. Random strangers on the street become your daily acquaintances, Mail Man Mike is also the guy sitting next to you at the bar on Friday night, and the baggers at your local Kroger look forward to your weekly {sometimes daily} visits and of course, call you by name. It's what I feel like life in America was like in 1950. Simple and Sweet. Your neighbors really did have your back and would absolutely be the first on your door step at the first sight of need. We love where we live and I thank the lord every day for giving me the opportunity to live in such a wonderful town and experience such a sweet, simple life.  

But this week has been a very hard week for our small little town and tomorrow will be even harder as we say goodbye to someone who really did more than we will ever know for our community.  

David T. Grist

I think David's smile says it all. He was one of the friendliest men around... a wonderful husband and a father, a community leader and supporter, and a friend to just about anyone who would pass by his bank downtown. Tonight we'll send up a toast to you, David, and continue to try our best to make Lexington a better place each and every day - just like you always did. 

Normally I wouldn't blog about sad things, but since David's passing on Sunday every time I opened my blog to talk about a new wonderful adventure, a food or craft... I couldn't help but be thankful. Thankful for each and every passing moment. Thankful for a healthy family and friends, and thankful for David's friendship. I can only hope to make an impact on the lives of others, such as David did for us. 

On a happy note, I did break out the aztec tights today... needed something to make me smile. :) 

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