Happy Monday!!! Who else is prepping for the winter wonderland heading their way?  I am totally over this freezing weather, but the thought of a snow day actually sounds pretty fun. Maybe I can get out and finally build a snowman!

The weekend flew by way to quick - but it was a productive one for sure!  Friday night, I had a fun girls night with wine, pizza, and lots of crafting. We even baked this cute lil smash cake {for a Saturday 1st b-day picture session} that I just had to share.

Nothing a box of cake, valentine's icing and a little sprinkles couldn't make look good.

On Saturday I had a nice long {7 hour} shopping day. {Good thing the hubs was out of town - he would have never lasted. I barely did.} I started the day at this lil gem, Happy's Flea Market in Roanoke.

I was in search of vinyls for J for Valentine's day and boy did I strike gold! The Record Shop had walls of records... some less than $1.  I even scored a Lionel Richie album with our first dance on it.  

Next stop, Michael's and Marshall's for some cute Easter decor, placemats, thank you notes {hello $1 bin}... and I even scored a pair of Happy Socks for the hubs for $2.  Does anyone else's hubs love these socks? If you keep an eye out, you can find them at TJ or Marshall's for less than $10. 

After a long day in search of new tennis shoes, make-up, and gifts for the biddies... I stopped in Fresh Market for some treats for the week. Man, did I rack up!  Tune in for meal-planning tomorrow, we have some yummy dishes planned with all the fresh seafood I picked up at the market. {Note to self, that place is dangerous}

After getting home late, this was my dinner.  Nothing like re-living the days of single girl life. 

I was so proud of my productive Saturday, I actually got myself up and out the door for a run and then to mass Sunday morning! J had an early flight home, so we had a great lil sunday when he got in.

I tried to save his records for Valentine's Day. But when he got home from his work trip, I just couldn't resist!

So, we unpacked the record player, popped in a couple records and enjoyed our first dance in the living room! It was a nice lil Sunday afternoon. 

Hope your weekend was just as great!

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