Five on Friday

It's Friday. It is! Man, this week has blown by once again... in record speed. I feel like I was just with ya last week recounting my five on friday, and here it is once again!  We've had an awesome week - good meals, fun nights, a day off and a fun weekend to look forward to!

{one} Lilly note cards.

How precious are these note cards from Lilly? I love having cards on hand to write little notes, thank-yous, and birthday wishes.  I need to track down some of these to add to my collection.

{two} Cheez-It Grooves.

O my! These are dangerous. I devoured half the box in just one sitting last weekend after a night out. So thin and crispy - you can't have just one. I tried the white cheddar, but they also come in Zesty Ranch... those are next on the list for a little late-night indulgence! Gotta soak up the alcohol somehow, right?

{three} Aztec leggings.

I finally caved and bought me a pair - and I must say, they are super soft, cozy and add a nice pop to an otherwise drab outfit.  Now I just need to find me some longer tops to cover the bee-hind, so I can wear them!

{four}. {Valentine happy} Scrunch Vest

The hubs surprised me on Monday when he got back from his trip with roses and this cozy little happy after being gone for Valentine's Day. This vest has been on my wish list since before Christmas and I was so happy to welcome it to my closet!

{five}. Dinner at Farmington County Club!

This afternoon, we have a fun little getaway planned to C'ville that I am SO looking forward to! It seems like forever since the hubs and I were able to spend a weekend together, with all his travels it has been crazy.  Tonight is KA Convivium at the Farmington Country Club, which I hear is just beautiful, and we are staying at the Boar's Head Inn, which I hear is pretty fancy as well. Can't wait to share my pictures on Monday!!

Have a fabulous Friday and an even better weekend!!


  1. Those cheese it's look amazing. I bet they are super addicting! Stopping by from the link up!

  2. I need that vest!! Stopping by from the link up! New Follower!

    1. Thanks for following!! The vest is the best - I have already worn in so many times. Well worth the investment. :)