I'm feeling like Megan & Classic Annie today and just need to have a round of randomness and ...
...It's been a busy week in front of the computer for me... so the thought of blogging after work was just too much to handle. I've been building a special event website and there are just so many pages... it. is.never.ending. Makes me appreciate web designers so much more. Do you realize how long it takes to build just one page? Woof!  Killing me.  Good news... I'm almost done. And it does feel good to see it coming to life, so at least that's a bonus!

...I did not print out my blog planner that I said I would for February. But... I did just make a list of blogs that I've been wanting to do and assigned them to next week. So, I have a plan... for a week anyhow. ha!

...I finally watched the Bachelor wedding on Monday. O my goodness, y'all! Can I please get married again and have a hollywood team plan every details {and pay for it}? I was secretly jealous of her stylist team that got her ready.

...The hubs surprised me with new PJ's last night! They are precious... and so thoughtful.

sorry that's the best pic i have for ya.

....he also came home with FIVE boxes of Girl-scout cookies yesterday and I may have opened 3 of the boxes already. {oops}

...since being sick {and not working out for a week or so}, I've felt so lazy. Well, lazy when it comes to gym time. But after seeing the copious amounts of GS cookies in my house, I have got to get motivated. tips?

...My sister-in-law sent me this fabulous necklace {in December}, and I finally wore it for a work function. Love it.

...This makes me happy. And I'm diggin' his hat. Let's be real, he's the man.

Happy Hump Day!


  1. I got married before pinterest and bachelor weddings... O how different it would all be today!

    1. I know! Same here. It's amazing how much Pinterest has changed the wedding world!