Five on Friday

It's Friday friends!! So happy the weekend is here... and the sun in shining! I had a very productive week, but looking forward to an even more productive {hubs is out of town} weekend ahead. Wanted to join in the Friday link up and share five things that have made me happy this week!

{one} This little silver tray that was my Aunt Tede's. 

My Aunt Tede is actually my mom's Aunt, my paw-paws sister. We grew up calling her Aunt Tede like my mom because we visited a lot. She was a teacher, and who my mom got her passion for teaching from. She never married... but had a "man-friend" nearly all her adult life. She was sweet as pie and just as crazy as the rest of the cajuns in my family.  Anyways, when she passed away the sisters all got to help sort out her estate and boy did she have some beautiful things!! This tray is one of the little gem's we got from her. I just pulled it out to put on display... I think it looks pretty great on the bar. Aunt Tede would be proud. ;) 

{two} Emila Cay's 4th Birthday.

With her Birthday box from Aunt T and Uncle J!

This weekend is my sweet goddaughters 4th birthday!  I can not believe she is 4 already. Even though I won't be there in person to celebrate, I have no doubt the party will be quite the event!  My sister-in-law is so creative, I wanted to share a few of the things she's been working on for the party. How cute is that dress?  Yes, she made it too... and it only cost her $5. #thriftycrafter

{three} Moscow Mule cups.

Meet my new favorite drink, the Moscow Mule. well, it's not a favorite... but more places are finally carrying ginger beer, so I can actually enjoy my favorite drink when we are out and about. However, my bestie bought me these adorable cups for my birthday, so I can make my own at home! We finally found some ginger beer in Lex {yes, no Whole Foods or Trader Joe's in sight}, so I could make my very own Moscow mule at home in my cute little cups. Love them. 

four. Thumbs Up WineFinder.

Discovered this little app last night while looking through our wine cooler and trying to pick out wine. I have no idea how to look at brand, region or year, and determine if it's really a "good wine" or a $7 bottle. Since it was just me and a random Thursday night, I didn't want to open a $20 bottle of wine for myself to only to drink one glass. We have so many bottles from friends, family, etc. that I'm always nervous to open one.  Problem solved! This app can tell you exactly how much it would retail for and where to find it locally. It also helps when you are stuck on the wine aisle trying to pick a decent bottle of vino. Just take a pic and it'll give you the goods!  Excellent! 

Five. VS Swim!

Y'all, I got my first VS Swim catalog in the mail this week... and I had a mild heart palpitation. Not really, but really? Is it that time of the year already?  I can't believe it! I have got to get my butt to the gym... maybe this was the motivation I needed from earlier in the week, ha! They say you always get what you ask, in one way or another. But, VS does hove some cute one out this year... motivation.

Join the link-up, so we can see what's on your mind today. 

Have a wonderful weekend!!! 

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