Getaway to The Boar's Head

What an amazing, relaxing, and fun weekend! I was certainly reminded this weekend how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful part if the country. So much to see and do...and it's all so close! 

As I mentioned last week, the hubs and I had a luck getaway to the Boar's Head Inn in Charlottesville. It was a fabulous time, so today I wanted to share a brief recap of our little getaway. 

Our room, a nice corner king with a view from the 4th floor!
Dinner at Farmington CC.  Such a beautiful location and fabulous company! The hubs gave a great presentation after dinner and Matthew planned a wonderful evening for his KA brothers. 
Saturday morning we had a fabulous breakfast and toured the grounds of the Inn. I loved the steps above... can you see the quote on them? 
With "The Boar" himself!

After a relaxing morning, we packed up and headed to Staunton for lunch and some Antiquing, where a scored a fabulous ladder for our new living room! 
... followed by a visit to Rockbirdge Vinyards and DB with some Lex pals! 

Sunday, the hubs had a day of rest while I headed to Elon for an AOII workshop. I had a beautiful drive and returned home to a clean house, full pantry, and burgers on the grill {soaking up those 60 degree temps}. Such a lucky gal! 

All and all, a fabulous weekend in VA! Missing my folks at Mardi Gras though. Which is exactly where I am headed next weekend... should help these next few days fly by. YAY for short work weeks and a visit to see family as a bonus. 

Happy Monday!

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