Baby Lyons #2 | 33 Weeks

How Far Along?  30 weeks
Size of Baby: A butternut squash (3.1lbs, 17 inches long)
Gender: Praying for a healthy lil cub.
Weight Gain: Up 24 pounds 
Maternity Clothes: Living in dresses, maternity capris and tanks these days. 
Nursery: In progress. The house is coming along and the finally started work on the jack-n-jill bath attached to the nursery. Other than paint, the nursery won't get much reno. 
Movement: You bet cha! This baby is moving like crazy. 
Symptoms: Feeling great. Just tired. 
Sleep: Up a couple times a night to pee. The snoogle is still coming in handy!
Workouts: Made it to the Y on Wednesday!! 
Cravings: Well... at my 30 week check-up this week the doc found that my sugar was a little high. I guess through my urine test. I passed my sugar test at 28 weeks. However, sometimes late in the pregnancy you can develop "the sugars" I'll call it. So... doc wants me to watch my food over the next couple weeks and see if I come back normal. The baby is measuring a little on the bigger side, so they just want to be sure that's not gestational diabetes. Basically it's back to eating super healthy over the next couple weeks and we'll see if it's my food intake or just my body. 
What I Miss: Wine! 
Best Moment This Week: Hearing your sweet lil heartbeat is always a highlight of our day! Heartbeat was higher this time.. 150, but still pretty normal. Girl or Boy?
Looking Forward To: Celebrating Miss Annalee's 2nd birthday on Saturday!

Annalee at 30 weeks


How Far Along?  32 weeks
Size of Baby: A head of lettuce (3.9 lbs, 19 inches long)
Gender: Praying for a healthy lil cub.
Weight Gain: Up 26 pounds 
Maternity Clothes: You bet! My selection of work clothes has dwindled to a handful of dresses on constant repeat. After work it's shorts or maternity capris and casual tank tops.
Nursery: We are trying to decide when Miss Annalee can transition to a big girl bed, so we can gift the crib to the new little cub. Not sure how a house move and big girl bed transition is going to work out all at once. We may have a nursery with no crib for a couple months while Miss Annalee gets settled. 
Movement: You bet cha! This baby is moving like crazy. 
Symptoms: Out of breath easily, having a hard time sleeping through the night - turning over is a chore. Baby seems to be running out of room in the belly and is certainly enjoying kicks to my ribs at all hours of the day. Linea Nigra is preset, but not as dark as I recall with Annalee. Belly button is still in... for now. 
Sleep: Hit or miss these days. Some nights I'm out and others I just toss and turn all night. 
Workouts: A couple walks on our beach trip - but that's about it. Twisted by ankle stepping off a bottom step onto some uneven ground and that grounded me for a few days. But I'm back on it and feeling good. Trying to get in as much walking as possible. 
Cravings: Chipped Ice!! Good news on my sugar - all is back to normal. I guess I enjoyed a few too many sweets prepping for Miss Annalee's Two-tii Fruitii birthday party. We are back to eating super healthy and baby seems to be growing just fine.
What I Miss: A good nights sleep. 
Best Moment This Week: Another great check-up at the doc - heartbeat was 130 this time, slower than last. I have no idea... what does that even mean? 
Looking Forward To: Our big move coming in just a few weeks!

Annalee at 32 Weeks

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