Baby Lyons #2 | Weeks 10-16

I always said with the second lil' one I would keep just as many notes as with the first... I wasn't going to cave to the 'second child syndrome'. Well, I have totally failed on that wish. It's week 10 and I am just logging in for my first update. So, let's see what I can remember...
New Years' Eve 2017 | R.E.Lee Hotel

How Far Along? 10 weeks
Size of Baby: A prune
Gender: J is thinking boy, I'm sorta feeling like it's another sweet baby girl. 
Weight Gain: Gained 3lbs since my first doctors apt at 5 weeks. 
Maternity Clothes: no... but loving leggings and loose tops. For now I can still fit into all my clothes... they just aren't as comfy. You can certainly see the belly! 
Nursery: Occupied at the moment with big sis Annalee!
Movement: Nothing yet... it was a while before I felt anything last time, so I'm not holding my breath for any soon.
Symptoms: Tired, lots of nausea, tired, headaches, tired, hungry... did I mention how tired I am? 
Sleep: Sleeping great. Exhausted when I hit the bed at night. Trying to get to bed earlier than normal, since I have a toddler that wakes up at 6 a.m. 
Workouts: Nada. It's been so cold outside and dark at 5 p.m., it's impossible to get any sort of runs or walks in. Planning to re-join the Y this week - I'm itching to workout.
Cravings: So hungry! Waking up at 4, 5, or 6 a.m. starving. Snacking on small meals throughout the day. Cheerios and fig bars are a favorite. Enjoying my chocolate yogurt/ice-cream in the evenings. Early-on I was craving more salty foods, or 'real food' like grilled cheese and fries vs. sweets. Now I'm really just enjoying it all. 
What I Miss: Well, nothing really. We are so happy for baby #2 and still really can't believe we are so lucky! 
Best Moment This Week: Finally feeling like I have some energy back. Actually had a full cup of coffee today, and I could tell I had a lot more energy. 
Looking Forward To: Telling more of our family and friends! 
Sorry for the bathroom shot - but found this one on my phone.. from sending to a friend! Thanks Meg!
How Far Along? 12 weeks
Size of Baby: A plum
Gender: Keeping it a surprise! 
Weight Gain: Up 3 pounds from my starting weight, but at the same weight now as when I got pregnant with Annalee. Which just doesn't seem possible - I am in nowhere near as goos as shape as I was 2 years ago. ha
Maternity Clothes: Still able to fit in most of my regular clothes, however - some tops are getting a little snug. Still rocking loose tops and sweaters until we 'let the cat out of the bag.'
Nursery: Well... at the moment, we know we have a bassinet to place in our room. Not sure what we'll be doing for an actual nursery. 
Movement: I feel like this baby is constantly doing flips in my belly. I can't really feel anything, but it certainly seems like there is something moving about in there. 
Symptoms: Nauseous on and off throughout the day still. Headaches on and off - but not too bad. Trying to stay hydrated. Constantly hungry! Tired.... all the usual first trimester things. 
Sleep: Starting to get a little uncomfortable on my belly and trying to stay on my side. 
Workouts: We joined the Y, so I could get back to at least walking. This weather has been so dang cold, I just can't get out. But trying to aim for 5 workouts a week - at least 30 min on the treadmill. Better than nothing right? 
Cravings: Peanut butter on everything... apples, bananas, crackers, waffles, carrots, rice cakes, you name it - this poor child is going to love some peanut butter. or be allergic, one. ha! 
What I Miss: Energy!
Best Moment This Week: We got to share our good news with Jesse's mom this weekend and she was SO excited!! It was such a fun moment to see her face light-up! 
Looking Forward To: Our ultrasound coming this week. Excited to see that little one growing, growing, growing! 

Just a look back at Miss Annalee Estelle | Weeks 5-12.


Mobile Mystics 2017... baby bump clearly visible! 

How Far Along? 16 weeks
Size of Baby: An Avacado (how they go from a naval orange to avocado is beyond me?)
Gender: Waiting for our little surprise in July!
Weight Gain: Up 11 pounds from my starting weight... jumped up quite a bit. Lots of growing going on, right?
Maternity Clothes: You bet! Jeans are defiantly out the window... thank goodness for tights and flowey tops. 
Nursery: Well, we aren't really too concerned at the moment... since we may be moving soon!! 
Movement: Feeling lots of little flutters. :)  They confirmed that my placenta is on the back side of the baby this time, so hopefully I will get to feel a lot more with this baby! 
Symptoms: Still nausea on and off. 
Sleep: Belly is getting a bit heavy.... pillows help, but need to break out the snoogle soon. 
Workouts: Back on the walking and running bandwagon. Happy to be on the gulf coast for a couple days with some warm weather and lots of flat land for running! 
Cravings: Zapps! Seafood and lots of fruit! 
What I Miss: Cold beer... but doesn't everyone when they are at the beach and mardi gras?
Best Moment This Week: Traveling home to be with our family and friends to celebrate Mardi Gras... one of my Dad's most favorite weekends of the year. Bittersweet - but really a wonderful time. Baby enjoyed their first mardi gras ball for sure... totally different from years' before. ;) 
Looking Forward To: Getting some energy back! Sharing more about our new house... and all the renovations! 

A look back at Miss Annalee Estelle | 13-16 Weeks in the belly. Our announcement about Baby Lyons #2. 

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