Baby Lyons # 2 - Getting Ready | 37 Weeks

We are getting close!! Since Annalee was born at 38 weeks, I'm trying to get us prepped for our little ones arrival... house move pending and all. This week we prepped a few things, to where we'd be ok if our little one made their arrival soon. However, I'm ok with you staying put for just a few more weeks.

A quick snap-shot... with my little one photo-bombing in the background.
37 weeks, 4 days | Dress is Beachcoco via Amazon

A few items crossed off the list:

- Hospital Bag packed!

- Nurses Gifts made and packed for hospital. Just need to add some cute lil tags. Will share soon!

- Door hanger ready (using the same one we used for Annalee, and will add a new sign).

- #0 candle packed for "birth-day" pics.

- Baby car seat cleaned... and base to be installed in car after our wedding adventure this coming weekend.

- Baby book(s) arrived. I decided to purchase the C.R. Gibson Under the Sea for little boys, and the Ronica Baby Memory Book for girls. We'll take both with us to the hospital and see which one gets new little prints in it!

- New scratch mits and booties arrived, washed and packed in hospital bag.

- Bassinet and Boppy Newborn Lounger unpacked and cleaned. In guest room ready to go.

- Target order placed for a few newborn gowns, socks, lanolin cream, new nursing bras and a stroller fan.

- Maternity photos are being scheduled. Waiting to hear from photographer.

Last item on the list, pick out a coming home outfit. My mom arrives on Monday and we are going to do a little shopping when she gets here.

A quick baby update at 37 weeks:

Baby is measuring on schedule - head down!!! Not dilated, but we will see what that means.

Heart rate is still measuring around 140, today it was 134, sleepy head. I'm feeling boy, but who really knows what the heart rate means, right?

At 36 weeks I was up 27 pounds from my pre-prgnancy weight. Today was the same and I'm feeling good. My feet have been the main thing that ache, but otherwise not too bad. Sleep is iffy these days... I think my body is getting ready for those 3 a.m. feedings.

Living off of chipped ice! Only real food aversions have been to mushrooms, meat on the bone, fried foods, tuna fish, and anything greasy.

Baby is still moving like crazy and you can really see it now. It's crazy to watch the belly move!

Annalee at 37 weeks... written just hours before my water broke. Ekkk!!


  1. Sounds like you're ready! Now...just steer clear of Walmart!

  2. Eeee so exciting! You're getting so close. You look great Mama!