Baby Lyons #2 | Weeks 25-27

How Far Along?  25 weeks
Size of Baby: An ear of corn (9in, 1.5+lbs)
Gender: I'm feeling Boy... but I dunno why. Maybe because it's just been such a different pregnancy. 
Weight Gain: Up 14 pounds at my 24 week check-up.
Maternity Clothes:  I found a great maternity swim top at Target this week on the clearance rank - score. I also just ordered a few more items from Old Navy - maternity shorts and capri's and then a couple of swing dresses that are non-maternity that I think will be great post-baby as well. 

Nursery: I'm on the hunt for matching curtains for what we currently have in Annalee's nursery, since the new nursery has two windows. Target doesn't carry them anymore, and I can't seem to locate more than one panel anywhere online. Anyone know of a site where you can search for discontinued curtain panels?
Movement: You bet!
Symptoms: Lots of trips to the potty, 
Sleep: O, where have you been long lost Snoogle... I missed you! We finally were able to locate the Snoogle and sleep has been heavenly ever since. I'm still not sure why these things work so great, but I'm so happy they do!
Workouts: Lots of good long walks this week with Miss Annalee
Cravings: Cereal, cheese and crackers, ice-cream, pickles, jelly beans, burgers
What I Miss: Rose all day. ;)
Best Moment This Week: A solo trip to Target after a work event on Friday
Looking Forward To: My girls trip next weekend to the NNK!

Jesse's guest blog post when I was pregnant with Annalee at 25 weeks.

How Far Along? 26 weeks
Size of Baby: An Eggplant (9.2 in, 2 lbs)
Gender: Still waiting for our surprise
Weight Gain: Around the 20 pound mark.
Maternity Clothes: I found these cute little tops at  - wait for it - Wal Mart - for $5 (now on sale for $3). They aren't maternity, but one size up fits the belly just perfect. 
Nursery: Since we'll be moving Annalee's current dresser/changing table into her big girl room, we need a new changing table. I'm considering buying the matching Hemnes dresser in just the three drawer version. It won't give us extra space on top like we used with Annalee, but we're limited on space for a "changing table" and I thought this would be more practical than an actual changing table. 
Movement: SOOO much! This lil cub loves to move. Sometimes it's so quick that it startles me... like, what was that? 
Symptoms: The blood flow in my legs is crazy. Spider veins and bruises popping out everywhere. Bloody noses on the daily. Otherwise feeling great!
Sleep: The snoogle is helping. Some nights are great and others are well, restless. 
Workouts: One trip to the Y this week, since we've seen so much rain. Annalee and I did get out for a couple walks since J has been in DC all week for work. Yoga class on Saturday with my girls. 
Cravings: Ice. Gatorade. 
What I Miss: Cocktails on my girls trip to the Rivah... but the "mocktails" were just as fun. 
Best Moment This Week: A surprise little baby sprinkle from my girls. During our Rivah weekend, they surprised our lil Lyons cub with a fun fiesta Saturday night... complete with a piñata and lots of goodies for our cub!
Looking Forward To: Our surprise trip to see Daddy next week at his work conference in Charlottee!!  Shhh... 

Pregnant with Annalee at 26 weeks.

How Far Along?  27 weeks
Size of Baby:  A cucumber (15 inches long - crown to toe now, 2.2 lbs)
Gender: One very active baby
Weight Gain: Up 22 pounds 
Maternity Clothes: Loving my new swing dresses from Old Navy and a simple black one I picked up at Wal-Mart last week. 
Nursery: Meg bought us a cute little gray and white Two by Two sheet for the crib. I think it'll be a fun piece to design the room around for now. 
Picked up a couple items for baby at Ikea, but I couldn't fit the new dresser in our car. Debating whether it's worth $99 shipping. 
Movement: You bet cha! 
Symptoms: Feeling great this week! 
Sleep: Pretty good, other than a few trips to the potty. 
Workouts: A couple walks, and lots of playing outside. 
Cravings: Italian! 
What I Miss: Energy and Agility. I'm really starting to feel this big ol' belly - it really gets in the way! 
Best Moment This Week: Surprising daddy at his conference in Charlotte and seeing lots of old friends from my previous work world. I do miss the communications world - the creativity and energy that comes with it - and all the fun peeps that worked in our field! Our trip to Ikea was also pretty fun, as well as our mommy/daughter road trip. 
Looking Forward To: Seeing our sweet babe during our follow-up ultrasound next week!! 

Pregnant with Annalee at 27 weeks.

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