Baby Lyons #2 | Weeks 19 & 20

How Far Along? 19 weeks
Size of Baby: A Mango
Gender: Waiting for our little surprise in July!
Weight Gain: Up 11 lbs from my starting weight (from my last check-up at 16 weeks)
Maternity Clothes: Broke out the maternity jeans for our Charleston trip - much needed and appreciated! 
Nursery: Making plans for the new house too... baby's room will be really sweet. It's smaller, but has two great big windows and a large closet. It's also connected to a jack-n-jill bathroom that he or she will share with big sis. Excited to plan a new nursery... I' thinking grey walls and beautiful white drapes. Keeping Annalee's crib and my pottery barn rocker that I love so much. We will probably go with a new ottomon that matches (instead of the navy blue pouf we have now) and add some sort of changing table - since big sis will take the dresser we are currently using into her room. For now, that's the only plans. Excited to start a new inspiration board soon. 
Movement: I think I felt a good kick while sitting on the sofa this week! Lots of flutters too. 
Symptoms: Had a couple days of swollen/bright red hands and feet between weeks 16/17. It was so strange... almost like an allergic reaction. I couldn't wear my rings and was itching so bad. Doc checked me out and all was good... blood work came back all normal and by week 18 it was all gone. Still get waves of nausea and sickness here and there. 
Sleep: Up a couple times each night. Using a pillow to prop up the belly already! 
Workouts: Feels so good to be back walking and running a little bit. Ran a couple time in Charleston and felt SO good after. I miss it so much! 
Cravings: Still loving Peanut Butter on everything! Chips, graham crackers, fruit, rice cakes, more sweets this time than with Annalee - but trying to keep those in check. I always give up sweets for lent, and I just couldn't do it  this year. 
What I Miss: Sleeping through the night. Anytime I wake up I have to get up for a quick trip to the potty. 
Best Moment This Week: Taking my first official "bump" picture!! :) Also baptizing our sweet baby Lucas, my good friend Lynsey's son, and my newest godson. :)  
Looking Forward To: My mom coming back to Virginia with us for almost 3 weeks!!! My brothers are so jealous. Also, we have our ultrasound next week - can't wait to get a better glimpse of those cute little fingers and toes.

How Far Along? 20 weeks 
Size of Baby: A Mango ( 6.5in, 10 oz)... however, baby was measuring around 14 oz and as long as a banana during our ultrasound)
Gender: We were able to get through the ultrasound without a peak! It was a little more tempting this time, but I'm still happy we are keeping it a surprise. 
Weight Gain: Up a total of 15 lbs from my starting weight. 
Maternity Clothes: You bet ya... the belly is growing every day. Most of my tops still fit and some of my normal leggings, but all my jeans, pants and skirts are about to get packed up for the move. :) 
Nursery: Closing on our new house is set for April 7... can't wait to get in there and get started with reno! The nursery just needs a little paint, new blinds and curtains, and lots of sweet baby goodies. 
Movement: Lots of butterflies, have felt a few little kicks or punches early in the morning. Baby is breech at the moment, with his or her feet tucked down low - just like Annalee was at birth. But, lots of time to keep moving! 
Symptoms:  Bloody noses, having some pains in my left hip on and off - especially sleeping. 
Sleep: Certainly not getting enough of it, but sleeping pretty good when I do. Naps on the weekends are much needed! Up a time or two to visit the potty, of course.
Workouts: It's been a cold week - even had a snow day - so not too many walks, and not many trips to the gym, but I squeezed in a quick run one day and a walk another. A little dancing at the Dinner Dance Saturday night too!
Cravings: Made a special trip to Micky D's this week for an M&M McFlurry... and it was SO worth it. 
What I Miss: I guess maybe my wardrobe... things are getting a little snug. 
Best Moment This Week: Ultrasound!! It was so awesome to see that sweet little one moving all around - counting those sweet lil 10 finds and toes. GranDe also was able to join us, and it was so special. 
Looking Forward To: Soaking up time with big sis, while enjoying the growing belly. Packing and moving! Easter!! Just trying to slow down and enjoy the sweet moments today... it's all flying by so quickly. 

I'm going to try and do better with the bump dates... it may not be every week, but I promise to get back at it!

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