Independence Day Fun 2017

A four-day weekend was just what the doctor ordered. We stayed right here in lex, which was the best part. We slept in, went for long walks, cooked big breakfasts, took afternoon naps, packed, prepped for baby and worked on the new house. 

We also enjoyed our fair-share of July 4th activities.
Friday we enjoyed a some-what rainy Friday's Alive concert in downtown. It's a block from our current house, so we are soaking up the chance to walk anywhere we can at the moment. 
Saturday we celebrated the twins 2nd birthday with an afternoon cook-out and party. I can not believe all our kiddos are 2!
That night we got a sitter and enjoyed a night out at Lime Kiln with good friends. 
Sone Canyon Rangers at Lime Kiln - July 1

Sunday we enjoyed a little time at the July 4th celebrations at the Horse Center, complete with games, a band, ice-cream and lots of sunshine... which drove us indoors to send the afternoon at DBB, but not before we won big at the carnival games! 
We did get a late-night peak at the fireworks from our house, after a yummy steak dinner. 
Not a bad view from all the way in town!
Monday we took the girls out to Goshen for their first adventures at the river. It was a blast! They loved floating in the water. 
Tuesday was the kids bike parade in downtown Lex, followed by a block party complete with hot dogs, watermelon, and (more) ice cream. 

Annalee rode her red rider all way down the street... peddling the whole way! She was so proud and very tired after a long weekend of fun. That night we took it easy and enjoyed some pool time on the porch, as early dinner and bed. 
So thankful for laid back summertime spent with family and good friends. We are busy picking out final details on the house, doing some side projects ourselves, and getting ready for baby #2. 

Is anyone else still in shock that it's July already? Slow down time. 

Cheers to a short week ahead! 

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  1. Such fun, festive pics! Lex sure knows how to celebrate the 4th!