Five on Friday: Floor Stains & Coming Home Outfits

Happy Friday, friends! It's been a busy week, so let's re-cap.

{one} Mom arrived on Monday!! Broken elbow and all, she's here and ready for Baby Lyons #2 to arrive. Well, almost. A few more weeks of rest for her lil arm would be good, but she's just happy to be here. She seems to be doing better every day. She was able to watch Annalee for a couple hours on Wednesday and Thursday, while I had work events - and she did good. Even changed a dirty diaper and Annalee was SO good for her. YAY!
{two} House updates... the floors are being stained! I'll do a full before and after post, but here is a sneak peak.
July 20, 2017

{three} We ordered coming home outfits for Baby Lyons #2. Well, we ordered one. I convinced my mom that we are going to use one of her baby outfits (yes, from 1951) if it's a girl. I think that would be so neat... and why not, they basically just wear it for a picture and then it hangs in their closet for 30 years... until they decide it's not that cool to dress their own child in, right? haha #secondchildproblems

This is the baby boy outfit we ordered, Carriage Boutique Sailboat Creeper.

And a sneak at the baby girl outfit, that was my moms. 
PS - Baby update: No baby progress at my check-up this week. Let the waiting game begin.

{four} I picked up the cutest pair of PJ's from Target on Monday. They are already washed and in my hospital bag. These jams are super soft and the buttons down the front will be perfect for nursing.

$19.99 via Target

{five} We are soaking up the short-lived only-child days with this little one.
"Little one" no more I say... This big girl has been working on potty-training at Mi-Mi's house for the past couple weeks. I can't believe she has gotten so big! Every day we just look at each other in amazement of what she says, and understands, and tells us. Watch out world, she's a little bit sassy, with a whole lotta sweetness wrapped inside.

Big weekend ahead... lots of packing and moving boxes on Saturday {thanks for joining us, Hollomons} and maternity pics scheduled for Sunday. Tune-in to my instastories for updates along the way. Have a great weekend!

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