Baby Lyons #2: Nurses Gifts

I actually got myself a little organized and was able to pull together cute little nurses gifts early this time. Last time, Miss Annalee decided to make her arrival a few weeks early and momma was not prepared.

This go-around things are a little more crazy. We are balancing a mom with a broken elbow, a toddler, a house renovation and a pending move, right around baby's due date. So, I thought getting us prepped a little early would probably be a good idea.

However, by this time two years ago, we were in the hospital with our sweet little baby girl - name TBD - and in shock that she was already with us.

Today I wanted to share the cute little happies I put together for our nurses - something sweet to keep them going until the wee hours of the night!

I bought simple Avery round labels and made these cute tags to stick on the boxes. 

 Hopefully the nurses enjoy, just as much as I did making them. We can't wait to meet our little sweetie... 2 weeks and counting!

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  1. These are so cute! The nurses will love them!