Annalee Estelle | 19 Months

Baby Girl,

You are so full of spunk these days.... laughing, running, climbing on everything, talking and really becoming quite the little lady. I hope you are always so full of personality and continue to crack yourself up on a daily bases. Over the past month we have watched you learn so many new tricks - opening doors, climbing on barstools, putting up shoes, getting your own bath stuff ready at night and really understanding what we are saying when we ask you something. You had your first ear infection this month - complete with a trip to the ER in the middle of the night - but seem to be on the mend. You are still eating like a champ and exploring new foods. You love your routine - usually waking around 6am, milk and breakfast to follow, a nap at 11 am, lunch around 1/1:30 pm, dinner at 5:30, bath and in bed by 7pm. You are such a great sleeper and for that we are thankful!

You were an excellent traveler over the past few months - flying down to see GranDe for Thanksgiving and Christmas. You adjusted well on both trips - and while you were at great sleeping in your pack n play - eating wasn't exactly a priority with all your crazy cousins running around. You loved being a part of the gang and I love that you are getting to spend time with your 8 older crazy Elleard cousins. Family was so big for me growing up and to see this crew just warms my heart.
Christmas day was so exciting - you were the happiest lil girl to see all the toys and played so well with your cousins and all their gifts. We celebrated Christmas at home on Dec. 19 this year, so you could have all your gifts under our tree (and so we didn't have to tote everything to the coast). Watching your face light up when you saw your kitchen from Santa and table and chairs from GranDe, was the sweetest face I've ever seen. You melt my heart sweet girl!

You love to play with babies, your new kitchen, books, puzzles, crayons, blocks, tea party is a favorite, as is dancing and singing nursery rhymes. You absolutely love brushing your teeth and will want to anytime you see your toothbrush. Your favorite foods are avocado, cheese, yogurt, all fruits, chicken, raisins, cucumbers, green beans, peas, spicy chips and of course, lots of milk!

We are so excited for what the next year holds for you baby girl and can't wait to watch you grow, grow, grow!

Love, Mommy and Daddy

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