Annalee Estelle | Five Months

Dear Annalee,

What a fun month it's been. Every day you are growing so much and developing quite the personality. You are full of laughter and you smile with your hole face - just like your daddy. You are the light of our life. Every morning you wake up and love to play in your bed, giving us the biggest smile when we come to get you. You are still working on tummy-time, but haven't rolled over yet.  You are pretty good at moving around on your back though and finally found your feet. You have discovered the sun roof in the car and love looking out at the colorful leaves. You still love walks and runs, lounging in your Boppy, sleeping on your back in a half swaddle {with footie pi's only}, and hanging out in your frog seat. Your first trip to the pumpkin patch was so much fun and we are loving celebrating one of our favorite seasons with you!

Five Month Highlights:
  • 14 lbs, 25.5 inches, 16.4 in head circumference, bright blue eyes and blond hair
  • Wearing 3-6 month clothing and 6 month pajamas \\ Pampers size 1 diapers
  • Nicknames: Anna Banana \\ Sweet Pea \\ Pumpkin \\ Little Bit 
  • Tricks: Holding your head up \\ Following us and objects around the room \\ Almost sitting on your own \\ Talking and laughing up a storm \\ Holding onto toys...including hair, jewelry and clothes
  • Favorite toys: Ellie rattle \\ Pumpkin rattles \\ Baby Lamb \\ Frog seat \\ Books \\ Wubbanub
  • Favorite books: Busy little squirrel \\ Baby loves Fall
  • Food: Momma's milk
  • Trips: We took you to the pumpkin patch for your first pumpkin picking! 
  • You attended your first wedding, and slept most of the ceremony and reception. 
  • We have loved enjoying the fall season with you, watching you gaze at the colorful trees and soak up the cool nights. 
  • You are an amazing sleeper - sleeping 10 hours at night and napping a couple times during the day. 
  • You are laughing so much and talking up a storm!
  • We are a constant droller, because you love to laugh, smile, and talk all day. 
  • You have started holding your bottle... sort of.

Five Month Favorites {Items We Couldn't Live Without}:
The Bob Stroller \\ Wubbanub \\ Paci clip \\ MommaRoo \\ Swaddle Blankets \\ Footie PJ's \\ Baby Bathtub \\ Sound Machine \\ monitor {for mommy} \\ Frog seat \\ Playmat \\ Humidifier to help with congestion \\ Bibs...lots of bibs \\ 

Pictures from this month:
It's fall y'all!

Holding my bottle.

Game day with the crew.

Getting fancy for church.

Found my toes.

Bath time.

My pumpkins from Auntie Karen!

Date night at Haywood's

Porch chillin'

Look how big I am Aubie

Talking... and drooling.

More talking.

Pumpkin patch!

All smiles and drools. 

Daddy-daughter Day in Lex

Game day PJ's

One // Two // Three // Four


  1. She is perfect!

    Tell me more about that frog seat. We were going to get one but wasn't sure if I'd use it with having the mommaroo too. What are your thoughts?

    1. We love it! She still likes the mommaroo, but the frog seat lets her sit up, which she is starting to prefer. It also has has a couple toys she can get her hands (or mouth) on, which helps entertain her.

  2. Tracy she's perfect! Love and miss you!!