Annalee Estelle | Eight Months


You are growing so much every single day. You daddy had a quick trip at the beginning of the month for just three nights and when he got home he felt like it had been a month because you had grown so much. You are sitting up on your own now, trying to pull up on toys, grabbing for anything and everything.... especially when you see your bottle or someone's phone. You took your first real bath and loved kicking in the water and splashing around. You even gave us a little shiver when we poured water over your head. melt my heart! You are so stinking cute. We had a big snow on January 22 and we spent three days with you at home, some of the best memories. You learned to pull up and play while sitting on your knees. You're wanting to crawl so bad, but can only figure out how to go backwards for now. You love rolling around on the floor, bouncing in your doorway jumper and playing with your trains in the exersaucer. You're little personality is so sweet and we have loved watching you learn each and every day.

Eight Month Highlights:
  • 17lbs, 5oz., 28.5 inches, 17.2 in head circumference, still rocking those bright blue eyes and are blond hair. 
  • Wearing 6-9, 9 or 6-12 month clothing and 9 month pajamas \\ Pampers size 2 diapers
  • Nicknames: Anna Banana \\ Bananas \\ Sweet Pea \\ Little Bit \\ Pumpkin
  • Tricks: You are sitting on your own so well \\ You can now get on all fours \\ You love focusing on small things and grabbing things with your fingers \\ You started moving backwards on Jan. 17 and pulling up on toys the same day
  • Favorite toys: doorway jumper \\ v-tech walker \\ books \\ sassy rattle \\ exersaucer 
  • Favorite books: TBA \\ TBA 
  • Food: Momma's Milk, bananas, sweet potatoes, green beans {your least favorite}, peas, blueberries and baby oatmeal. We gave you your first sippy cup on Jan. 18 and you did great with it. 
  • Trips: We drove home from the coast on New Years' Day and the day after. You were a sport. We took you to Richmond for the first time to enjoy the city where mom and dad met - complete with Bottom's Up pizza and Three Monkey's - our first date spot. We took a trip to Charlottesville too, for a play day with friends. 
  • Holidays: Your first New Year's was spent in the car. We did stop at Cracker Barrel for black-eyed peas and greens. You spent your first MLK day at Mi-mi's, while mommy and daddy got some chores done. Much needed! 
  • You're starting to pull up on toys and your crib (almost time to drop the mattress)
  • When we say bye-bye and wave, you are trying to give us a wave with your little hand. Your right hand for now - maybe that means you're a righty!? 
  • You are up on all fours now, rocking and pushing yourself backwards. Not long and you'll be on the go!

Eight Month Favorites {Items We Couldn't Live Without}:
Exersaucer \\ Doorway jumper \\ Sassy Rattle \\ Bumpo seat \\ Wubbanub \\ humidifier \\ silicone bibs \\ tethers \\ taggy blanket \\ spiral activity toy \\ v-tech walker \\ spoons \\ sippy cup \\ Sophie

Pictures from this month:

One // Two // Three // Four // Five // Six // Seven

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  1. Ahhhh she's almost on the move??!!! And having to lower the mattress. Stop growing up babygirl!
    You know I love these recaps so I know what we have to look forward to. Tell me about this door jumper! I know MA loves to jump in her exersaucer so I'm thinking she'd be extra wild in the door jumper!