A typical day with a 13 month old

A typical day is exciting. curious. funny...and tiring - for Miss Annalee and for Momma.

She is just changing and growing so much. I wanted to document what a typical day is like for us at the moment, tomorrow will probably be different - but for today...

6/6:30am - Annalee wakes up and plays in her crib for a little while. We started giving her a a baby doll to sleep with... or errr.... to entertain her when she wakes up in the morning.
Momma gets you from the crib, does a quick diaper change and takes you into our bed to nurse and snuggle.

7am - We are up. Dad jumps into the shower, we head out to make coffee and play with puzzles, books and your picnic basket. Usually we'll also get you dressed and pick out books to take to Mimi's.

7:15am - Time for breakfast. You typically have oatmeal or a whole wheat waffle and fruit... bananas, strawberries and blueberries are your favorite at the moment. You also love pancakes and scrambled eggs and cheese.

7:30am - Dad takes over breakfast duty and mom heads to the shower.

7:30-8:30am - Typically involves you following us around the house, watching us get ready and entertaining yourself with whatever toy you can find in that particular room.

8:30am - We pack up and head to MiMi's. I usually pack your backpack and lunchbox the night before, so it's ready to go. We load up your backpack with a bib, spoon, snack container with Cheerios, outfit change, sun hat, daily journal and books. Sometimes we send a toy or stuffed animal too. You have been eating a TON of food - a normal day pack includes:
Yogurt - Applesauce - Chicken - Blueberries

I also throw in a fruit or veggie pouch {or 2}, shredded cheese and whatever breakfast is leftover.... sometimes a half of a waffle or cup of oatmeal.

At the moment we are sending three bottles with 2 oz breast milk + 2 oz whole milk each. {Still working on getting you transitioned to a full bottle of whole milk.} 

Since we live in a tiny little town we like to both drop you off, but that rarely happens anymore with our busy schedule. Most days one or both of us has an 8am or 9am, so we're out the door early leaving the other to fend for themselves in drop off duty.

8:45am - We drop you at Mimi's and say our goodbye's. If we ride together, Jesse drops me off since my office is downtown - which means 2 hour parking - and my office is two blocks from our house... so I can walk home for lunch.

9:15/9:30am - Mimi gives you the rest of your breakfast, or yogurt and fruit, and you have your first bottle of the day.

Circle Time - Stories, Bible Verse and the Pledge, of course. :) I'm not sure what the rest of the day entails... lots of outdoor time, reading, blocks, toys and fun!

11:30am - Lunch time - Chicken, Avocado and Cheese - followed by a bottle.

12pm - Nap time for you. As for Mom and Dad - On a typical day, Jesse swings by and picks me up and we head home for lunch, which usually means leftovers or a salad. We also pick up the house, prep dinner, start/fold laundry.  Other days we'll both have work meetings and grab something on the go together or separately.

1:45pm - You're up from your afternoon nap. Sometimes you'll sleep longer. And sometimes you take a morning nap after your first bottle - which pushes your afternoon nap later.

3:00pm - afternoon snack - applesauce, fruit/veggie pouch and Cheerios.

4:15pm - Bottle

5/5:15pm - Mom or Dad does pick up and if you haven't had two naps, you usually fall asleep on the way home, on our long 5-minute commute. Pure exhaustion from all the playtime!

5:30pm - Dinner, sometimes on the porch. Typically we'll feed you some of what we're having if I have it ready, or chopped veggies, fruits, meats - sometimes a PB&J or similar to what you have for lunch. You will try mostly anything these days.

Some nights we slide out for a walk after you eat dinner. Sometimes you get a bath first, and then walk - just in case you fall asleep on us.

6:30pm - Bath time!
7pm - Jammies, {sometimes a book} and a bottle/nursing. You're still not a fan of just whole milk, so I'm still nursing in the morning and at night to keep up my supply. I think we're getting close to weaning you off. I'm going to miss our time together sure certain, but I know you're ready.

7:15/7:30pm - You are down for the night!

We usually spend the rest of the evening cooking, eating, cleaning the kitchen, having drinks on the porch - laundry, lunchbox prep, watching a little TV, while blogging and/or checking emails.

10:30pm - Our typical bed time... which sometimes turns into more like 11/11:30. MUST get more sleep.

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