Annalee Estelle | 16 & 17 months

Baby Girl,

I can't tell you how lucky I am to be your momma... and I'm pretty sure your Daddy feels the same way. At the moment you are a momma's girl - but you sure do love Da Da and think he is the funniest! (I do too!) Your personality is truly one of a kind - laughing, smiling and giggling at every turn. You are on the go - running and climbing - and playing hide-n-seek. You are also talking up a storm. You will repeat most anything we ask you, but some of your favorite words at the moment are cheese, please, apple, yes, yo-yo (yogurt), baby, mimi, bye-bye, momma, da da, puppy and cheer (Cheerios). You are wearing 18-24 month clothes and size 6 shoes. You are still in size 4 diapers - baby dry's at night for sure. You love to eat and will try almost anything we give you. You love all fruits, veggies, chicken, avocado, pancakes and waffles, eggs, yogurt, APPLES and applesauce, cheese, crackers, pork, fish and of course, cheerios. Your favorite toys are the little people doll house, babies, the kitchen at mimi's (specifically the toaster and microwave), books, puzzles, balls, the slide, picnic basket and all buckets, boxes and doors you can open and shut. Coloring and painting are favorites at the moment and you ask every day to 'co-ugh' as soon as we get to Mimi's. You love to be outside, going to the door and pointing when you say 'aw-sigh'. You're a great helper, throwing things in the trash, closing doors, helping to warm your milk in the microwave and picking up your toys. You love music and dancing is your favorite.

You love other kids and are warming up to them pretty quickly now. You give the biggest hugs when they leave too. At your last check-up you were 25 lbs and 32 inches long, but we are pretty sure you have grown. You have great balance, squatting to pick things up and standing on your tippy-toes to get things on the counter. We still give you a sippy cup of milk before bed, but we brush your teeth after and then lay you down after prayers. You sleep with your paci and baby from Papa Sam and almost always go right to bed. Most days you are in bed by 7 p.m. (sometimes sooner) and sleep until 6 a.m. You have a full mouth of teeth - probably 6/8 on the top and 8 on the bottom. Your molars are coming in, and it's been so pitiful to hear you cry at night. We've been so blessed that you are healthy, happy and a great eater! I hope that you always keep that determination we see every day in those big blue eyes, while keeping that softer sweet side that we see each morning and night when you give us the biggest hugs and sweetest kisses.

We love you baby girl!

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