Annalee Estelle | 20 Month Highlights

They say that every stage just gets better, and so far, I would have to agree. 20 months is like a golden age - you are so curious, watching and soaking up everything you can. Lots of talking and repeating everything we tell you to do or say, and sometimes you even surprise us and tell us exactly what you want. You have started picking up your a,b,c's and counting - and can even count to 8 or 10 with a little (or a good bit of) help. It's amazing to see that little mind working! 

You have been eating up a storm, but have certainly become more picky. You still love apples, yogurt, avocado, CHEESE (good lord girl, you love some Cheese - we can't have it in sight without you eating it all.), green beans, cucumbers, peas, all fruits... but you're starting to get picky about meat. Sometimes you love chicken, oner times you won't touch it. Sometimes you love pizza, and other times, not at all. Same with hotdogs and pork chops. You are not a fan of any sort of macaroni - spaghetti or mac n cheese - we've tried them all. 
You have lots of new toys that you love now - your kitchen, the cozy coupe, blocks, baby dolls, puzzles (mainly your name stool), v-tech learning oven and tree house, lots of books - pout, pout fish, mo ba la, la, la, The Going to Bed Book, Elmo sings and anything with flaps or noises.
You love to dance, run, jump and climb and have some pretty good balance. 

You love to brush your teeth and taking a bath. You also are eating like a big girl at the bar, with no baby chair. You have to have a fork for your food now, and love to attempt all feeding... including cereal by yourself. You have been eating more than a 4 year old lately - we can't send enough snacks for the day. I'm pretty sure you're hitting a nice growth spurt, because all your 18 month clothes are suddenly too tight. 

We moved you up to size 5 pampers and mostly all 24 months or 2T clothes. You have huge feet (like your momma) and wear a size 7 now. 
The pacifier is the last 'baby thing' to take away. Right now it's (mostly) in the carseat and the crib, but you know when it's time for it and you get so excited. Makes me nervous about kicking this habit before your baby brother or sister arrives. 
You have such a spunky and sweet personality and I hope you always keep that fire. You're sweet as sugar in the mornings and after naps... but certainly have your fits late in the evening and especially on Monday's. Mimi's wears you out, but we know you are having a blast, learning a ton and are in such good hands. 

We love you baby girl!

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