Annalee Estelle | Seven Months


What a joy the holiday season has been with you. We have always loved the holidays, but to watch your face light up at the lights, pretty packages, and decorations has been our greatest Christmas joy! This month you have grown the cutest little personality. You finally rolled over from your belly to your back and laughed in amazement. Quickly there after you started rolling over in your crib - staring at us from all fours when we come to get you in the mornings.  You love to chew on anything you can get your hands on, and have started to get upset when we take things away.... especially our phones and cords. Why do you love those so much? You started sitting on your own, which has given you a whole new view of the world - no more laying down for you - you would much rather be up and talking. Mommy and Daddy are your favorite, which is fine by us! We love that you know who we are, and it's sorta cute when you get upset when we leave. Sad, but so cute.

Seven Month Highlights:
  • 16lbs, 3oz., 27.7 inches, 17 in head circumference, still rocking those bright blue eyes and are blond hair - that is really starting to fill-in.
  • Wearing 9 month clothing and 6-9 month pajamas \\ Pampers size 2 diapers
  • Nicknames: Anna Banana \\ Sweet Pea \\ Pumpkin \\ Little Bit 
  • Tricks: You finally rolled over {from belly to back} on November 29 \\ You also rolled from back to belly in your crib on December 12 \\ You love focusing on small things and grabbing things with your fingers \\ You started sitting on your own around December 13, but really got the hang of it around Christmas
  • Favorite toys: Stand and play station with train \\ Sophie \\ Frog seat \\ All Books \\ taggy blanket \\ Your baby doll from Papa Sam
  • Favorite books: The Christmas Story \\ Tinsel Tots \\ The Spirit of Christmas 
  • Food: Momma's Milk, Bananas, Rice Cereal, and Sweet Potatoes
  • Trips: The Greenbrier to meet Santa and home for the Holidays to see Gramma in NC and my family on the Gulf Coast. 8 hours is about your max in the car, but you were such a good sport  
  • Holidays: Your first Christmas was magical! {And Momma's first birthday with you - number 32 - does that count as a holiday?} 
  • Cheered on your Auburn Tigers during your first Iron Bowl - at home in Lexington, of course. 
  • Attended your first Lexington candlelight processional and Christmas parade
  • You know your name and turn when we call you!
  • You are still a great sleeper - we went through a bit of a growth spirt right after your 6th month birthday, where you started waking more at night - starving. But that only lasted a few nights and after a week or so, you started sleeping through the night again. 
  • You are not much of a long napper, but you are getting better. We can tell that you sleep better at night when you nap during the day - so we are working on naps. 
  • You are laughing so much and talking up a storm! Da, Da, Da.... Bah, Bah, Bah
  • You had a little cough/cold this month - but it worked it's way out without a trip to the doc.
  • You started sitting in your Bumpo seat and seem to like it.
  • For Christmas you got a door jumpy from Santa and you love to jump, jump, jump.

Seven Month Favorites {Items We Couldn't Live Without}:
Stand and Play \\ Pineapple Boppy \\ Bumpo seat \\ Reindeer Wubbanub \\ Playmat \\ Humidifier \\ Bibs \\ No Pain-apple Teether \\ doorway jumper \\ taggy blanket 

Pictures from this month:
Lexington Candlelight Processional

My first Iron Bowl. War Eagle!

Decorating the Christmas Tree

Enjoying some bananas in my new Pineapple bib.

Celebrating mommy's 32nd birthday

Visiting Santa at The Greenbrier.

Christmas Morning at Gramma's 
After Christmas Mass

2nd Christmas on the Coast

Jump, Jump!

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  1. oh my goodness! i cannot believe how grown up she is!!!! the change from 5 months to 7 is crazy! girl...she is so darn cute!!

  2. She is so grown up!!!! Already talking! That's awesome!

  3. Happy 7 month sweet girl! It has been such a treat to watch you grow! Can't wait to see you again soon! xo Godmama