Annalee Estelle | 14 & 15 Months

Our sweet pea! You're little personality is so curious, sweet and full of sugar. You have a set of lungs on you girl, and we ALWAYS know when you are in the room. You are trying so hard to talk - and instead just squealing when you want something. You have learned a few new words and are getting better at pointing instead of just screaming. Well, sometimes.  You love being outside, climbing, eating and playing with your dolls. Every day you grow so much and are just a sponge, soaking up everything we do and mimicking. We took our first family beach vacation and you loved the beach, pool and being in the water. You were a trooper on our 14 hour trek from the coast and back. We also had a fun visit with your Gramma and by the time we left you had warmed up to her enough to take a bottle. We put away lots of baby stuff this month.... including bottles and the drying rack, baby toys, rattles and tons of 12 month clothes. Next is a new car seat. You are wearing 18 month clothes, size 4 diapers and size 5-6 in shoes. You have seven teeth all in the front!

Funny things you've done...
Taking the keys to the door knob and trying to open it.
Putting things (anything) in the trash can.
Walking to the tub when it's time for a bath and putting your arms up for me to take your clothes off.
Playing hide-n-seek around the sofa and kitchen island.
Mimicking eating with your mouth when your doll house kitchen says, 'It's time to eat!'
Rocking your baby doll to 'Rock-a-bye Baby'.

14 month highlights:

-You love your Melissa & Doug board puzzles and are getting pretty good at putting the pieces back into place. You're favorite is the zebra. We often find you with it in your hand.

-By 7am you are ready for breakfast. You walk right over to your chair and pull it out to get in. ha!

-You've learned to crawl up into the chair by yourself and are so proud when you do. You sit with a big smile and 'rock, rock'.

-You're babling is so cute. 'boop, be domp, be do'

-You love to play with mom's old set of Snow White and the 7 dwarfs. Sneezy is your favorite  - you will look down the line until you spot him - then you laugh and scoop him up to tote around the house with you.

-Love milk! Now taking 4-5 bottles a day, 4 oz at a time, every 4 hours.

-You have learned how to climb. O boy!

-Bedtime is 7/8pm and you are up around 6am. Such a good sleeper.

- Boy do you have a set of lungs on you. You are certainly a squealer!

15 month highlights: 

- The bottles are all packed away! We moved you to a sippy cup of milk on August 20 and so far, you are still loving your milk. You get 3-4 cups a day, at breakfast, after lunch, sometimes an afternoon snack and before bed.

- You love the water, especially bath time.

- Lots of new words this month, including ma-ma, hot, ice, up, hey, hi, helllooo... talking to your play phone and you also said Mimi.

- You love to eat; some of your favorites include avocado, cheese, chicken, cucumbers, strawberries, bananas, pulled pork, grapes, apple sauce, green beans, pops and yogurt. You love feeding yourself with your spoon and are getting better with the aim. We let you use some little cocktail forks and you like that - usually you take the food off the fork before it makes it to your mouth, but you love holding it.

- You love to brush your teeth at bedtime. Still working on after the bottle, but for now, after dinner is a good start. We do put you down in your bed awake and you just curl up with your baby doll and go to bed.

- Bedtime is 7pm and you usually wake up around 7/7:30am.

- Toy favorites include your little people doll house, books - especially those with flaps to pull down, puzzles, dolls, stacking cups, magnetic blocks, water toys, balls, v-tech walker, picnic set and tea pot.

- You have become a little doll thief! haha You started stealing your friends dolls, so we bought you a set of twins, Abbey and Emma, so you can have your own and share too.

- You can go up and down a couple steps no problem. Sometimes sitting on your bottom and other times just stepping up or down on your own.

- You love to dance and start moving anytime the music plays now.

We love you baby girl!!

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