Annalee Estelle | Six Months


This has been the best month yet! You are just a bundle of happiness and joy - smiling, laughing, and giggling at everyone and everything. I feel like every day you are more and more alert, changing and growing so much - noticing things around you and making eye contact with anyone you can to smile and flirt. You love your mimi and are exhausted when you come home every day from playing with all your friends. You love reading books and like to try and help turn the pages. You are trying to sit up on your own, but you haven't quite mastered rolling over. We traveled a lot this month visiting your Gramma, GranDe and Papa Sam, and your Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins. You were great on the car trips and an excellent flyer {minus the last leg of our last flight home - we'll just pretend that hour didn't happen}. You were the sweetest little strawberry for Halloween and collected lots of smiles and sweets. We gave you your first taste of rice cereal on Thanksgiving and laughed in amazement at how excited you were to try it... and how quickly you spit it right back out.

Six Month Highlights:
  • 16lbs, 3oz., 27.7 inches, 17 in head circumference, bright blue eyes and blond hair
  • Wearing 6 month clothing and 6-9 month pajamas \\ Pampers size 2 diapers
  • Nicknames: Anna Banana \\ Sweet Pea \\ Pumpkin \\ Little Bit 
  • Tricks: Getting you paci back in your mouth \\ Rolling around in your crib \\ Talking... and now screaming in delight \\ Following us around the room \\ 
  • Favorite toys: Doggie book \\ Stand and play station \\ Mr. Monkey on your car seat \\ Frog seat \\ Books \\ Wubbanub \\ taggy blanket
  • Favorite books: Doggie Book \\ Pete the Cat's First Thanksgiving
  • Food: Just Momma's milk... but you tried a taste of rice cereal on Thanksgiving and were less than impressed.
  • Trips: We drove to NC to visit with your Gramma for a long weekend \\  You also took your third flight, but mom's first trip with you solo, to visit GranDe and Papa Sam on the Coast for a few days while Dad was traveling for work. \\ We also visited with the Hollomon's that trip and stayed a couple nights. 
  • Holidays: Celebrated your first Halloween in Lexington dressed as a Strawberry!  We also spent Thanksgiving in Lexington, and you tried your first taste of food - only fitting. 
  • You are still drooling, but not as much. However, we are certain some teeth are on the way! 
  • You are still a great sleeper - sleeping 9-10 hours at night, waking every now and then for your wubanub at night.
  • You are not much of a long napper, but you like to cat nap right before feeding time throughout the day.
  • You are laughing so much and talking up a storm!
  • You had a little cold in your eyes this month, but it didn't seem to phase you much - you were happy ol' self the whole time. 
  • You started sitting in your Bumpo seat and seem to like it.

Six Month Favorites {Items We Couldn't Live Without}:
The Bob Stroller \\ Wubbanub \\ Paci clip \\ MommaRoo \\ Swaddle Blankets \\ Footie PJ's \\ Baby Bathtub \\ Sound Machine \\ monitor {for mommy} \\ Frog seat \\ Playmat \\ Humidifier to help with congestion \\ Bibs...lots of bibs \\ Stand and Play \\ Pineapple Boppy \\ Bumpo seat

Pictures from this month:

Cousin time

Elleard family time

Tummy time. Still just hanging out on my belly.

Frequent Flyer

In my new play stand from Godmomma

Tailgating with Daddy at the VMI Western Carolina game

Snoozin on turkey day.

One // Two // Three // Four // Five

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