Annalee Estelle | Ten Months

Dear Annalee, 
What a fun little lady you are these days. You are very inquisitive about everything. You can spot the tinniest object on the floor and pick it up. You also love exploring - and are very quick. You are really on the move - crawling everywhere and even moving from one thing to the next while standing. You love to play with your friends, any and all books, blocks, remote controls, and anything with lights or noises. You are such a great eater - trying everything we give you and would even prefer to feed yourself these days. You have a set of lungs on you girl - and boy can you use them! You love to squeal in delight and have the most contagious laugh. You are starting to warm up to others again. You love playing with other kids, and even let the occasional person hold you. Fingers crossed we are moving past the "stranger-danger" phase for the moment. 

Ten Month Highlights:
  • 19 lbs, 6oz., 28.5 inches, 19 in head circumference, still rocking those blue eyes and a full head of hair. Not sure if it's going to stay blonde - but for now it's sticking around. 
  • Wearing 9-12 month clothing and 9-12 month pajamas \\ Pampers size 3 diapers
  • Nicknames: Anna Banana \\ Bananas \\ Sweet Pea \\ Little Bit \\ Pumpkin
  • Tricks: You're so big! With your hands raised up high \\ you are standing really well - sometimes all by yourself before having a seat \\ you can pass things from one hand to the other really well \\ clapping is a new favorite too. 
  • Favorite toys: you love all books \\ blocks \\ no-painapple teether \\ v-tech sit-to-stand walker \\ tea pot and cake \\ Sophie \\ Baby Einstein toys 
  • Favorite books: Dr. Suess and Berenstain Bear books \\ Peek-a-boo Chick and Lion \\ Some Bunny Loves You \\ Storybook Bible 
  • Food: Nursing is still going really well, and you still eat every 2.5 hours. During the day we send 3, 4 oz. bottles and sometimes I am able to swing by and feed you. You also love real foods, eating 2-4 frozen cubes twice a day. You love rice cakes and puffs for snacks or to entertain you when you finish meals. You usually have oatmeal for breakfast. We started giving you protein this month - chicken, ground beef, yogurt, avocado and shredded cheese. You love them all and love your veggie combos as well. 
  • You are doing so good with your sippy cup. We got you a munchkin 360 and you so so well with it. Hoping it helps with the transition to a real cup. You're still a champ at tossing it on the floor. 
  • Trips: We traveled to Pigeon Forge, TN to meet GranDe and Papa Sam on their spring break. It was a fun two nights in a little cabin in the mountains, but we had so much fun. You traveled like a champ and loved your time with GranDe and Papa Sam. 
  • Holidays: You got to celebrate your first Dr. Suess day with a fun celebration at Mi-Mi's! // For your first St. Patty's Day you had a fun birthday party at Mi-Mi's for your friend Liana, and we continued the celebration that evening at BAH //  We celebrated your first Easter on your 10 month birthday - and you were spoiled indeed! 
  • You have two teeth - you're bottom front two - and they are so cute!
  • You typically go to bed around 7/8pm and wake up around 6am. Lately we've had quite a few 4am wake-up calls, but we are hoping that's just getting back on your routine from the trip to the mountains. 
  • We are starting to transition you away from a paci during the day and save it for nap time and bed. You've been very vocal since - and we love hearing you babble! 
  • We've discovered that you have very sensitive skin - any new wipes break you out really bad - and you're very delicate to scratches (mostly from your nails). 
Ten Month Favorites {Items We Couldn't Live Without}:

The Bob stroller \\ Deluxe Booster Seat \\ humidifier \\ silicone bibs \\ teethers \\ spiral activity toy \\ Munchkin soft-tip spoons \\ Munchkin 360 cups \\ Sophie \\ V-Tech walker \\ Baby Einstein Take Along Musical Toy \\ soft-sole shoes and socks are a must these days \\ outdoor play-yard \\ shape sorter

Pictures from this month: 

Dr. Suess Day

St. Patrick's Day Fun

Our trip to the mountains to see GranDe and Papa Sam:


One // Two // Three // Four // Five // Six // Seven // Eight // Nine


  1. She is so cute!!! I love this

  2. Sweet girl! Are we really going to be celebrating your first birthday in 2 months!?!? Love you so much!