Annalee Estelle | Four Months

Dear Annalee,

Every day with you keeps getting better and better! You are laughing so much these days and are such a delight to be around. You wake up with the biggest smile on your face and are even starting to recognize mommy and daddy's voices when we walk in the room. Your snuggles are the best, giving big hugs when we pick you up. You love sitting up and being able to look around at what's going on, so your frog seat from Auntie Meg has been your new favorite lounger this month. You've developed quite the grip these days, holding onto your Daddy's finger, WubbaNub, rattle, Sophie, or mommy's hair. We are happy to report you are filling out 3-6 month clothes and 6 month footie pj's. You have started sleeping longer and longer each night, and now usually sleep anywhere from 8-10 hours, with a couple of naps during the day. You also have gradually started taking down more milk in the bottle this month (4oz) and reducing your number of feedings to 6-7 in a day. Time with Mimi has been great and mommy enjoys coming to visit during her day to nurse. The most exciting thing this month has been your laughter and giggles--you are such a joy! You loved your first trip to the beach and meeting all your Mango's. We also had a special visit with GranDe's family, and you got to meet your Great Grandmother and Grandpa. We also celebrated your baptism, surrounded by family and friends, and it was such a special day. We chose your Auntie Meg as your God-momma and your Uncle Rob as your God-pappa, giving you a good mix of old Virginia and South Alabama. :)

Four Month Highlights:
  • 13 lbs, 1 ozs., 24.5 inches, 15.7 in head circumference, bright blue eyes and blond hair
  • Wearing 3-6 month clothing and 6 month pajamas \\ Pampers size 1 diapers
  • Nicknames: Anna Banana \\ Sweet Pea \\ Pumpkin \\ Little Bit 
  • Tricks: Holding your head up on your own \\ Following objects around the room \\ Grabbing your Wubbanub and getting it back into your mouth by yourself...sometimes \\ Talking up a storm \\ Holding onto toys...including hair, jewelry and clothes
  • Favorite toys: Taggy Blanket \\ Sophie \\ Frog seat \\ Wubbanub
  • Favorite books: Panda Bear, Panda Bear 
  • Food: Momma's milk
  • Trips: Mangofest \\ Trip to GranDe and Papa Sam's \\ Nelson Co. Wine Tour
  • You had your first fever, and were so pitiful. Of course, it was during your first Mangofest too.
  • We celebrated your first Labor Day at GranDe and Papa Sam's and your first trip to the beach, which you loved!
  • By 15 weeks you were sleeping through the night. Going to sleep anywhere between 7-9 p.m., and sleeping until 5 or 6 a.m. 
  • You are laughing so much and talking up a storm!
  • We celebrated your baptism on Saturday, September 26 with lots of friends and family.
  • Your newest chew toy is your fist. You love to chew on your entire hand.
  • You love your "Mimi" and have so much fun with your new friends at day care.
  • You love sitting up to play now that you can hold your head up, and your frog seat has been your favorite place to lounge.

Four Month Favorites {Items We Couldn't Live Without}:
The Bob Stroller \\ Wubbanub \\ Paci clip \\ MommaRoo \\ Swaddle Blankets \\ Footie PJ's \\ Baby Bathtub \\ Sound Machine \\ monitor {for mommy} \\ Frog seat \\ Playmat \\ Humidifier to help with congestion \\ Bibs...lots of bibs for drool

Pictures from this month:

First beach trip

Four generations of Kelly girls.

83 years of life between these hands, and so much love.

With Mommy's baby doll.

War Eagle!

Mango Tango 2015 ~ sporting mommy's bikini

Hanging with the twins! Tummy time y'all.

In my frog.

I love my fists.

Christening Day ~ Sept. 26, 2015

One // Two // Three

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  1. Ahh you had a Lolly too! Molly Anne loves playing with mine too!