Mardi Gras in Lex

We had a wonderful weekend at home, spending time with good friends, working on the nursery, celebrating Valentine's Day and the best part - celebrating Mardi Gras in Lexington! The thing is, when you leave the little bubble of the Gulf Coast, it's like this fabulous month long celebration doesn't even exist. It's a shame really - I only wish I could share the excitement of Mardi Gras with everyone I meet - which is why I was so excited to find out that the Mardi Gras celebration was coming right here in little ole Lex. The Georges put on quite the celebration, complete with a jazz brunch, beignets, a second line band and after party.


sausage flatbread scramble, roasted red pepper grits, eggs benney, and andouille hash
{yes, I wanted to eat them all - but , don't worry - I shared. haha}

Bourbon milk punch. For the hubs of course. 

Second line parade!

...followed by an after party party at TAPS! 

It was a bitter cold weekend - complete with a light snow and 25 mph winds, but our Sunday celebration made it not even matter. Mardi Gras just makes everything that much better! Hope you are able to find a little Mardi Gras celebration near you - and if not - have yourself some jambalaya and call it a day! Laissez Bon Temps Rouler!

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  1. So fun! Great pics. Wish we could've joined in on the celebration! There's always next year:) happy Mardis Gras to my favorite Gulf Coast gal!