There is nothing I love more than a great Sunday at home. :)  While we had a fabulous weekend in Nashvegas, I was so happy to be home. I have spent the past 5 weekends on the road - and while I also enjoy my travels - sometimes a girl just wants to be home. But first, to re-cap our time in Nashville. Friday night we hung out with one of my besties and her new beau and enjoyed a great BBQ dinner at Edley's on 12th South. {My old stopping grounds... that I hardly recognize anymore.} We drove past our old house - and what used to be a huge house - could now certainly be qualified as a million $ home. It was beautiful! But, dinner was fabulous, and of course the best part was catching up with an old friend. Love you, Mols!

Saturday I sent the day in "panda land" with all my AOII's. It was a great day with Jess from PhiredUp, such a cool gal. She always has the best advice and perspective. Can't wait to share some of her great tips with my chapters. If you are curious as to what we do... check out her book, I Heart Recruitment.

Did I mention that Saturday was also my Dad's Mardi Gras parade and ball? We were so sad to miss... but now Mobile has a live feed, so you can watch all the parades from wherever you are. It was awesome! His float was "King Cobra" this year. Not that you can tell, but he's on the one on the top in front - with his head down.

Not quite like the real thing... but it'll have to do this year. I think this live feed will be up on my desktop all day on Fat Tuesday!

Saturday night J and I went to Sambuca in the Gulch - still one of our all time favorite spots in Nashville. We snagged a spot at the bar where we stayed for the next 3 hours, munching on some fabulous food and enjoying a wonderful band, The Familiar Faces. They were so great and had everyone up and dancing all night long!

After our weekend of fun, we hit the road early Sunday to get home and enjoy some of this beautiful weather!! We got home just in time to do a little grocery shopping, laundry, dishes and cleaning. You know, the fun stuff. Does anyone else get excited to do these things when you haven't done them in 5 weeks?? We also enjoyed some great burgers from the grill {yay for warn warm weather} and these tasty carrot fries on the side.

Last, but certainly not lease - a quick shout out to my beautiful niece and goddaughter, Emilia Cay. She's such a beautiful little lady, inside and out and today she turns the big 5! Happy Birthday sweet girl!!
At her My Little Pony party. 

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  1. Looks like you guys had a great weekend!!! Happy Monday