Junkin Reno: Ceilings

As we have mentioned before, Junkin was certainly a house of it's day in the 1950's - and wallpapered from head to toe. Literally. As in the ceilings were covered with wallpaper too. O boy!

After lots of wallpaper removal from the walls, we opted to just cover the ceilings with a thin layer of drywall in both the upstairs and downstairs foyers and in our master bedroom. We now have drywall up and a smooth ceiling ready for white paint!
Downstairs Foyer - May 31

Upstairs foyer - May 31

The hole in the wall you see above used to be a linen closet that was removed to make more room in the Jack and Jill bathroom. 

We also now have ceilings in the kitchen and master bath - with recess lighting in each. YAY!
Kitchen - May 31
Master Bath - May 30

Another big change to the stairway was closing off this door that used to go to a small little "study" when you first came up the stairs. It's now our master walk-in closet and you wouldn't even know it was there.
Stairs - May 31

Lots of updates since we returned from our trip to Tampa. Just wanted to catch everyone up on the progress as of the end of May. Lots more fun to come... the countdown is on ~ 30 days to move-in. 

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