Junkin Reno: Pendant Lighting

Who knew picking out two of the smallest lights in our house could take so much time??  I've searched through pages and pages of pendant lighting sites and came up empty. I finally asked our contractor to help me narrow it down, and he did! Thank the lord!!

We are down to 4 options. Help me pick!

These will go over our bar, and other than recessed lighting it'll be the only lights in the kitchen. There will be a large chandelier light of sorts over the kitchen table in the dining area... that is still on the "to-do" list to pick out.

In other house updates, we changed our minds on paint color. After seeing a single wall painted, it was WAY too dark. We decided on Sherwin Williams Snowfall this time. We'll see how it turns out.

A few house pics from earlier this week. Things are shaping up... but we still have a long way to go!
Dining room looking over bar into kitchen. 

Foyer looking into dining room now.

Foyer looking into living room. So open and bright! I love it!! 

More updates to come. Stay tuned!


  1. Love the 1st light.

  2. I think Leagacy Brass goes best with the character of your home!!