Junkin Reno: Paint Colors

The best decision we made with the new house is to paint everything one color. I was so stressed about picking out paint colors and didn't even know where to start. Our contractor helped with that problem and said - just pick two, one for the walls and one for the trim. Easy right??

So we decided to go with a light gray walls and white trim. Do you know how many shades of light gray their are? 

After picking up a color wheel from Sherwin Williams and taking it over to the house to view in various lights - we decided to go with Popular Gray. 

Here are a few pics of rooms with Popular Gray:

Looks like a good neutral color, right?

Well, a week later we picked out all our tiles and vanity's and our contractor helped us re-think that pick. So now we are going with Essential Gray. 

A little lighter, and seems to match better. 
Skim coat is up this week and paint is on it's way... I'm so nervous to see how it all turns out!

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