We've had such a busy week - with lots of house progress!

GranDe made it to town! She had a long travel day... which allowed us some shopping time at Marshalls while waiting.
We went in for some tablecloths for her party and left with a wagon, chips and beach toys. #typical

House Updates!  We decided to continue the hardwoods into the bonus room/den so that it's not carpet when you come off the back deck. They will eventually be stained, with the rest of the floors, but so happy to see them in place!
Dry wall is up at the house. We stopped by late last night and the master bath is a real room!! the plumbing and electrical are done, ceiling lights are in and we have four walls, a pocket door and ceiling! It's so awesome to see.

More dry-wall closing in the door that used to come off the stairs. 

More dry wall up, giving us a walk-in closet. 

Momma got a hair cut!! 5 inches gone. It feels so nice and light for summertime!

We tried picking out carpet for the bonus room/den and master closet... still no decision, but Annalee loves walking on the samples.

This lil bit will be 2 tomorrow, I can't believe it!!  We'll be celebrating with a little afternoon party at home - probably our last at Moore St.  I can't wait to party with our lil cutie!

Cheers to a great weekend friends!

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