The Best of 2015

Happy New Year friends! 2015 was a busy year for us, and the blog has suffered a bit from that. Some months I only logged in 4-5 times for an update, but that's ok,  rest assured I was keeping up with all of you... and soaking up the days with my little one. Trying to pretend that the days haven't been flying by.

2015 brought us our greatest joy - and some of our saddest days as well. I like for this blog to be filled with joy and delight - capturing our days, nights and happy memories for my little family, but April of 2015 was a really hard month for us. We lost Jesse's dad, unexpectedly, on April 17th. Just a month before his first grandchild was born. To say that every day since has been hard would be an understatement. Don't get me wrong - we have been blessed with the most wonderful little girl - but it's hard not to think about all the joy she brings us, and how much joy she would have brought to Mr. Wayford. We see so much of him in our sweet Annalee though, and it's a constant reminder that God is watching over us and continues to bless us everyday.

With that aside, it's been a beautiful year for us! Here are the Top 10 Posts of 2015.

....and in case you're curious what 2014 looked like for us, the Top 10 posts of 2014.

Many thanks to each of you following along. It's so fun looking back at our life via this little space.

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  1. What a tremendous year for you! One that I know you'll never forget. You and J are wonderful parents and I know his dad must be proudly watching over all three of you. Cheers to a new year and watching that sweet baby girl continue to grow!