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Sorry for being MIA these days. I'm here! Just reading along.

Elise, I love your new blog - HerHeartandHome - so perfect and so you.
Meg, I'm so happy about Baby #2.
April, I'm loving the Tipsy Bunny Bows.
Karli, you keep me laughing on the daily. Thank you!
Classic Annie - I'm loving watching Molly Anne grow. It's fun that her and Annalee are so close.

I keep thinking, man I need to blog about that OR O, I should share that, etc. But it just never happens to make it onto the blog.

So what have I been up to? Watching way too many episodes of Fixer-upper. Trying to find ways to re-decorate our little home. Actually planning out meals for the week, yay! And reading your blogs. It's so inspiring to see how many women out there are doing the same things on the daily. Cooking, cleaning, looking for deals on baby products, clothes, food, and wine. Yes, lots of wine.

Just a few updates around the Lyons' den.

Annalee is sitting up now. O yea, she's also trying to climb.

And yes, she loves her V-tech stand learning walker. Did I mention that both Grandma's got her this for Christmas. Guess it was the hot toy this year. It's awesome though. She loves playing peek-a-boo with the barn door and holding the phone, of course.

We have been enjoying some really yummy, healthy meals this week. My favorite yet was Balsamic crock-pot pork from Skinnytaste. It was so easy, healthy and the best part, the house smelled wonderful when we got home.

This momma actually made a few big batches of baby food this week and love having it handy and ready to go for the mornings. April gave me some great tips on packing for daycare, we picked up some small 4 oz. ball jars and they work great! Just pop out a cube (or two when we can start mixing) and we are good to go. We don't have a Baby Breeza, just the food processor.

Did I mention I've been coloring?  Santa brought me an adult coloring book and this weekend I finally broke it out for some fun. It's fun to feel like a kid again.

Ok, time to get back to the grind. Happy Tuesday, Y'all! 

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  1. Ahhh she's sitting up already! I love seeing what we have to look forward to! And yes, I'm so glad they're close in age too! ;)