Sippy Cups and Baby Food

We have passed the 7 month mark and guess what folks, it's time for the Sippy cup!

Some would say we were sorta late on the food train, but it really does take time and planning. And really, let's be honest, who has all kinds of extra time laying around during the holidays?

Sorry sweet pea. We are adjusting to this whole parenting thing.

We started with rice cereal at Thanksgiving. At 5 months and 29 days, ahead of the plan - score.

Not for long. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, our child tried exactly two foods. Bananas and Sweet Potatoes. Which both she loved! Well, sorta. Add in 10 days of travel at the end of the Holidays, and next thing we knew it we were past the 7 month mark going on 8, with very little variety in her diet.

I digress... we were talking sippy cups, right?  So, we just started introducing a sippy cup after meals, or umm... fruit/veggie snacks, and Annalee is loving it! The only sippy cup we have right now is a cup that came with a Makenzie Child's toddler set we received as a gift.

Have you all seen these sets? So precious you guys! If you are looking for a great gift - this is it.

But, it's not exactly "6-month old baby friendly". I pretty much just hold it while she sips water.

So, we are on the hunt for the perfect transition cup. These are some suggestions I've gathered from other moms. Tell me, what's your favorite?

Tell me momma's, what works best?

As for baby food. We are on a roll.  Well, almost.

We made a big batch of green beans - not the biggest hit - but we are still trying them. Bananas and Sweet Potatoes are also still a big hit. We tried baby oatmeal and blueberries last weekend and those were also a hit! Tonight we made a big batch of chickpeas and blueberries. A Carolina Charm favorite.

Next up, apples, sweet peas, and corn. Still introducing one at a time for these, so hopefully by 8 months my child will have moved to her second hand to count the number of foods she has tried.

See variety.

I think we are getting better at this baby food thing. Updates to come!

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  1. It takes timeeeeeeeee and a lot of time!!!! GO with the flow because the truth is, they're going to eat real food one day...they aren't going to college with a bottle! ;) We are using this munchkin sippy cup and I gave it to her with the nipple in it for every meal for a week then a couple of days ago I switched to the sippy cup spout and she figured out how to drink from that. Oh and I got it from Wal-Mart so if you want to get it local you can. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001TBYNUW?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o04_s00