Happy Friday!

Hey Friday!!  We've had a great week, but it's been busy. Even though my weekend is going to be filled with sorority recruitment - I'm excited for the break. Today I am linking up with the gals, and sharing my thoughts for five on Friday.

ONE. No office is complete without a little bit of fun, right? I'm loving my new gum ball machine from my parents. It makes the office a little more fun, especially on Fridays!  You can get your very own online.

TWO. My new job hours give me an extra 30 minutes in the morning - which feels like an eternity during these cold winter months. I know I'm really going to love it come spring when I can get out for a long run {ok, walk for now} in the mornings! This is how I've been filling my mornings lately.

THREE.  I love writing thank you notes, and especially when it comes to baby gifts! I found these sweet notes at Hallmark {couldn't find any online to share} and couldn't resist. One fish... two fish... little brand new fish. 

FOUR.  Our old neighbor came over this week for cocktails {and mocktails} to see the new house and visit. It was so much fun catching up, we miss having her next door! She is an amazing knitter - teaches classes to kids after school and even started her own knitting club that has become a huge success in town! For our wedding she knitted us the most amazing thrown for our sofa, that is still my all-time favorite blanket. So she couldn't resist making something for the lil cub. Look how sweet these little hats are? 

FIVE.  We still have a few things on our "house to-do" list before the baby arrives, and one of those is picking out a light fixture for above the kitchen table. I'm really loving this picture April posted today - I love this light fixture.

If you'd like to join the 5 on Friday party, grab the widget below and join in the fun.

Have a great weekend friends!

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  1. Having an extra 30 mins in the morning would be AMAZING!! I am so glad you get that time :) Hope you have a great weekend Chelsea @ thewilliamsjourney1.blogspot.com/