5 on Friday | Favorite Gifties

Oops! Forgot to publish today.... maybe it's Five on Friday night. We were both truly spoiled this Christmas, but also came home with lots of practical gifts too... like a new blender, measuring spoons, running socks, makeup, a microplane grater and a drill. But, joining the gals for five on friday today, I thought it would be fun to share some of my fun Christmas gifts. However, it was hard to pick just five.

{one} Fitbit Flex. Getting my booty off the sofa and walking. I have been loving my fitbit and finally hit 10,000 steps a day, but it was much harder than I thought. Now I just need to find more friends with a fitbit to take advantage of the challenges.
Thanks Mom and Pop!

{two} My Kate Spade Planner is already filling up with lots of exciting trips and events. Yay for 2015 planning. It's going to be a great year!
Thanks Lyons!
{three} My new yoga mat has already been put to use this week - and I was so happy to finally have my own squishy mat.... that even has it's own little carrying strap.
Thanks Mom and Pops!

{four} Our Stemware. Registering for our wedding we looked at dozens of crystal - and after awhile, they all started looking the same.  Then we came across this one, Richmond by Reed & Barton. The design reminded us of a pineapple top and the name was where we met - it was love at first sight! Now, we finally have a couple glasses to toast with!
Thanks Hubs!

{five}....and since the Baby Lyons got spoiled a little too, I  thought I would share some of my favorites for the little cub.
The Virginia Alphabet
Thanks Aunt Karen!

Bloomers and Bow-tie {made from one of my BM dresses}
Thanks Auntie Meg!

Brown Bear {It's also a book}
Thanks Auntie Lyns!

Baby Lion Bath Wrap
Thanks Auntie Dot!

Happy Friday. Today is my last day at O∆K, and while I'm going to miss some really wonderful co-workers, I'm so excited for my new adventure!

Cheers to the weekend!


  1. that bloomer and bowtie combo is precious!! found you through the linkup and love that we're both from VA! Hope your January is just as good as this Christmas list! :)

  2. You might be selling me on this Fitbit thing...do stairs count as "steps?" If so I think this 3rd floor condo-living might be not be so bad (minus the 20+ car seat in tow!) Can't wait to see the cub cutie on his/her bow tie/bloomers :)