Lyons' Holiday Fun 2014

We have had a wonderful holiday break this year with extra amounts of excitement for the arrival of Baby Lyons and catching up with family and friends we haven't see in awhile.  Just thought it would be fun to do a quick re-cap of our holiday celebrations.

We started our trip south with a stop at the Grove Park Inn to see the holiday decor and gingerbread house competition. The decorations were just beautiful and the atmosphere was a perfect kick-start to the holidays.
The gingerbread houses were incredible, they had competitions for each age group that were so impressive. The first place prize went to a chess board with an incredible amount of details! I even took a video to soak it all in.

We arrived in NC to visit with J's parents for Christmas week and enjoyed a lot of down time. We cooked a ton, ate a ton more, visited with their friends, opened lots of presents and got out for a few runs on the greenway in town. We didn't take a ton of pictures {mostly because we stayed in PJ's and workout cloths for the majority of the trip}, but we did get a cute picture by the Christmas tree after Christmas Eve mass. 

Also had to share this adorable throw-back of Baby J and 35 year old J! 
Christmas 1980 and 2014

The day after Christmas we packed up and headed south to see more family and friends. After a pit-stop in Auburn for Momma G's, we met Lyns and Neal on the road for a fun visit and some ice-cream. Miss Allie is getting so big and is such a wonderful baby!
We forgot to take a pic, so I stole one of Allie and her Auntie! 

Christmas with my family was so much fun and has lasted over a span of 4 days... and still going. Get ready for picture overload. First we celebrated with my parents.
We celebrated with one brother and his fam.
The Virginia alphabet my sister-in-law penciled for the baby's room. So excited to have this framed!

We celebrated with my other brother and his fam.

Then with the cousins via a throwback Polaroid.

....and we have been soaking up 70 degree temps since we arrived, eating lots of seafood and are looking forward to a trip over to the beach today to dip our toes in the sand. It's been a wonderful break filled with lots of excitement and cheer! Couldn't ask for a better way to enjoy the holidays. Looking forward to NYE on the coast and the arrival of Baby Charles any day now... we can't wait to meet you lil bit!

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  1. What a fun Christmas!!! Spending it with your family is the best :)

    Chelsea @ thewilliamsjourney1.blogspot.com