A day to myself.

So how did I spend my day off?  With a few of my favorite things.

Working at our local coffee shop.

Treating my feet to a Pedi.

Shopping for our Senior Star, aka our Angel Tree.

Shopping for me.

Shopping for family and friends.

Mailing a few packages.

Addressing Christmas Cards.

Sweating it out at Spin class.

....and of course working in between. But that's ok - I don't mind it when it's what I love.

My question is, how in the world do 8 hours go by so quickly when you are trapped inside your office walls? Crazy fast.

Sorry I took zero pics to document it. But, sometimes I think that's the beauty of a break - a day for you to soak up life. Every minute of it!

Don't forget about Faith's Christmas Card Carousel tomorrow, can't wait to see all your beautiful cards.

Happy Tuesday friends!

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