I'm feeling 32

Birthday cupcakes!

A little nod to my birthday twin, T-swift. Can we still be twins if she was born on my 6th birthday?

Yes, I'm feeling 32... and not just because I went to bed at 9:30 p.m. last night and slept until 6:30 a.m. Ok, maybe that's partially why I'm feeling 32. But, no shame. The little cub slept 11 hours last night and it was the best birthday present ever. That's why I'm feeling 32... and happy to be up writing this post on my day off. I had a wonderful birthday weekend, but I am also looking forward to a day for just me - time to blog, shop, get a pedi, wrap presents, and address Christmas cards. So looking forward to it!

But first, a quick re-cap of my awesome weekend with friends and my little family.

We started the weekend Friday with a low-key night in, cooking dinner, hanging out with little bit, and soaking up the holiday season.

Saturday started with my favorite breakfast - Pizza! Breakfast pizza that is. The hubs cooked a delicious breakfast {using my mom's recipe} and we enjoyed a lazy morning in. After breakfast we ventured out for a long run through town - soaking up the 75 degree weather this weekend. Amazing! Then decorated for our party and did a little local shopping downtown in the afternoon.

Saturday night was our annual Miracle Christmas party - that we decided to move off-site this year. Which was amazing for clean-up... and baby. Annalee did get to make an appearance at her first Miracle, and we snagged the perfect picture.

Our good friends M&M even came to town and joined us for a fun night celebrating the season.

The 13th started bright and early with fun-fetti coffee cake {Thanks Meg and Jo!} and lots of coffee. We exchanged Christmas gifts around the tree and it was so much fun watching Annalee open presents - she loved the paper. Go figure?

Meg and I got out for a nice run, followed by brunch at Niko's with the boys.

Kara planned a little get-together for the afternoon - complete with homemade fun-fetti cupcakes and mimosas. So sweet. And delicious!

The hubs cooked us a delicious birthday dinner to top off the evening - we ate more fun-fetti cupcakes {are you noticing a theme?} and went to bed at 9:30 p.m.

Birthday snuggles with my girl while talking to my momma.

Did I mention my beautiful birthday present from Annalee and the hubs??  A green emerald ring {Annalee's birthstone} surrounded by diamonds. 

Feeling like on very lucky and very loved lady today! 

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