Our Thanksgiving 2015

The holidays for us typically mean piling in the car and heading south to Alabama or North Carolina, but this year we decided to just stay put - and while we missed our families - it was so wonderful. No stressful packing, no long hours spent in the car, no traffic, and lots of free time to just enjoy one another's company.

We started our long weekend with an evening out at TAPS - drinks and a quick meal at the bar - before heading home to prep the turkey and get him in the oven for the night. I love waking up to the smell of a turkey baking on Thanksgiving - the best morning of the year! After pulling the turkey out of the oven nice and early, J got dressed and headed downtown to help with our local Gobble Wobble 5K & Fun Run. We have been helping out since the race first started 4 years ago, and this year we had almost 500 runners - it's been so fun to see everyone get so exited!

I decided to stay at home this year with Miss Annalee, since the weather was a crisp 28 at 7 a.m. Not worth a sick baby.  But we had fun cooking and watching the Macy's parade - just having a lazy morning in our pj's.
Helping mommy cook.

I cooked us a small Thanksgiving lunch at home, more-so so we would have leftovers for turkey sandwiches, but we also enjoyed a nice family lunch before getting ready for our big thanksgiving later that evening.

Annalee had her first bite of rice cereal too! She was less than thrilled.

Our friends invited a few good friends over to join their own family thanksgiving and we enjoyed a wonderful friendsgiving that afternoon! Nick is an amazing cook - so we had lots of yummy dishes on the menu - totally different from our turkey, dressing, green been casserole, and cranberry sauce we had for lunch. It was nice to have one traditional and one totally different meal later that evening. Lots of good food to go around - isn't that what Thanksgiving is all about? Annalee had a blast with all the kiddos!

Very thankful this Thanksgiving and looking forward to a wonderful Holiday season ahead! 


  1. Such a sweet holiday! You got some great pics! What else is Annalee taste-testing these days? And where is your T-giving top from? Looks comfy!

  2. Awwww. You need to frame that last pic!