Our pick of the Patch | Annalee's first Halloween

Miss Annalee had a wonderful first Halloween! We decided to join the trick-or-treat madness downtown on Friday afternoon to show-off her lil strawberry costume. Which lasted approximately one block, ending with a wine tasting at the local wine store for mommy and Kara instead.
Hadley was a little octopus. So precious!
Our next stop on Friday was Brew Ridge Taps for some brews and to let the girls relax and play. How precious are these pics?  We love that they are so close together.

And of course, we had to have our own little dress-up session on Saturday.

Saturday was spent at the Braddick's, handing out candy around the camp-fire and enjoying some good old' hot dogs - a Halloween favorite! 

Kara had the cutest decorations too - I just had to share a couple of my favs. 
Yes, I may have tasted-tested some of the candy corn - it was still tasty!

I hope everyone had a spooky Halloween. 

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  1. just look at that little strawberry!!!!!!! she is just so gorgeous and cute and delicious...i mean..she's a strawberry after all!