Life Lately

Life lately has been busy. And o so good. I had four work events in 10 days then we packed up and hit the road to NC to visit Jesse's mom for a long weekend. We were back at home less than 24 hours and then set out again. I booked a flight home to be with my family for 4 days while the hubs left for a work trip. 

Needless to say, we are all happy to be home for the Holidays! Here is a quick recap of our last couple weeks. 
On the road to Gramma's.
Enjoying brews at The Lazy Hiker.
Sporting my new hat.
More on this delicious dish coming up. 
Loving my taggy blanket and play mat. 
Snuggles with Gramma. 
Next up... Florida! 
Enjoying a picnic at the park with Papa Sam and GranDe.
Tuckered out from a long travel day. 
Christmas Jubilee with Mom and my sister-in-law. 
And lunch with both brothers, one niece, Karen and Mom and Pops! 
Still working on tummy time... And perfectly content staying put. 
My sleepy traveler back to Virginia.
Until next time P'cola! 

We loved getting to see family and friends - such a treat! Now looking forward to the holidays...shopping, decorating, and lots of baking.

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