House Remodeling: We're Moving!

Today, I wanted to start in on a new series for this spring - House Remodeling!  I guess once I write it on the blog it's official {at least in my mind, right}, but we are moving on June 1st!! That's right, you read it first here. When we got married in 2011, J owned the house he lived in and another in town that we rent to students. However, at the time it made more sense for us to move into my house, rather than the other two. I know it sounds crazy - we own two houses and don't live in either - but, the house we rent in right downtown, so close to everything, and the perfect size for our little family of 2. I LOVE our house and I know I am going to miss it terribly, but I think this fall finally hit the wall {literally} when it comes to space. We don't have a guest room, we don't have storage space - no dishwasher, no counter space... we don't even use our everyday dishes because the kitchen cabinets are too small. It's not a cardboard box by any means... but I think we're past our days of tiny living. So begins the house remodeling to shall we call it, the "New Lyons' Den".

The house is a simple 3 bedroom house with an open living room/kitchen floor plan. It has a large deck out back and best of all, it's still right down town! The house was build in the late 80's, so it's up-to-date {insulated!} and has good bones to worth with. The majority of our work is going to have to be done in the kitchen - which also happens to be the most expensive room to re-model, but it's also where we spend the most time - so I'm ok with it. 

Here is our to-do list:
I plan to keep everyone updated on each project as they progress, so stay tuned.

New Kitchen Appliances
Island in the Kitchen
New Countertops
Kitchen cabinet re-fresh!
Lighting for Kitchen, Living Room, & Hallway
Fresh Paint
Middle Bath {let's call it a major facelift}
Outside Storage
Window Treatments
Master Bath 
Outside Lighting

We've already started on the list... starting on the purchases now so come June we can actually move in. I have a feeling once we get to work the list above is going to grow...
Wish us luck! 


  1. good luck with the home remodel!! can't wait to see some progress and happy to be a new follower.


  2. Such and exciting time for you and J! Can't wait to follow along with your progress (any maybe pick-up an idea or two along the way!) xoxo