Five on Friday

Happy Five on Friday!! I'm am absolutely looking forward to a fun weekend ahead - and thawing out a little too! We're hoping for a high of 50 today - woo, hoo!! I probably got over eager this morning and left the house with no scarf, no gloves and ballet flats on my feet... a little chilly, not gonna lie. I'm willing it to warm up!! Here's my Five on Friday this week:

one. Yoga.

I'm heading to yoga tomorrow morning and I am so looking forward to it. Along with bronchitis comes a week of zero cardio and very little working out. Not a bad break to tell you the truth, but my butt needs to get back in the gym. I'm starting to feel it! Plus, some relaxation time to start the weekend won't be too shabby either.

two. Chalkboard Fonts.

This was my Christmas gift from my sister-in-law and I am in LOVE!! This cartridge has the best fonts, the cutest cutouts and so many fun projects just waiting at my finger-tips. Can't wait for my crafting day tomorrow for Miss Ava!

three. Leggo my EGGO!! 

Who doesn't love an Eggo every now and again?  The hubs and I watched a great Eggo commercial last week and it made me pick up a box at the store on Sunday. We've tried them with PB & Bananas, berries, syrup, powdered sugar... all delicious!  A quick easy {and relatively healthy} HOT breakfast for these cold days.

four. Map my Run.

I stumbled upon this gem earlier this week trying to map out a 5K course for our events this summer. You can create your on course, path, etc. and save it for others in your area to see too! It also tells you about hills, turns, rough terraine and lets you go "off-road" with your course. Pretty handy!

five. Jaycees Happy Hour. 

Heading to the Palms at 5 for happy house with the local Jacyees. Looking forward to a fun night of drinks and VMI Basketball!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.  Join the link up today with April, Christina, Natasha and Darci. Just grab the button below and place it on your blog, write about 5 things you love this week - anything goes - and link up via one of their blogs. Enjoy!!

Happy Weekend!!


  1. LOVE the map my run. It has been so handy since we moved to Charlottesville. I still haven't quite figured out how to save different routes yet...so let me know if you figure that out! Sounds like you have a great (low-key) weekend planned...it's times like these I wish we were still living in Lex and could hang:) Love ya!

  2. Yes! Mark and I both love map my run!! :)

  3. Visiting from the linkup! My hubby uses MapMyRun, and it's nice to be able to track him! (I prefer RunKeeper, but it doesn't have some of the same conveniences that MapMyRun has!).

  4. Hello from the link up! I heart the chalkboard fonts! Hope you're enjoying a lovely weekend!!