Bows for Lil Girls

Everyone knows that every little girl needs a bow or two {or ten or twenty} in her closet. You may not have been "that lil girl" with your bows, but I most certainly was. And let's be honest, this lasted until I was 18. ha! I'm not joking either... my Dad still tells a story of 3 year old Pete and how I refused to leave the house but would not say why... so he called my Mom and she said, "Did you put her matching bow in?" ha. 100% rotten. that was me! Hey, a girl needs her bow to be ready for the day!  And the 18 bit... I still have a bag full of ribbons from high school {many of them to match my navy and white uniform} that I wore every day. I even remember "the secret ribbon store" out in Theodore that I would beg my mom to take me too. Man, those were the days! Can't a girl just get a little ribbon?

Well, that is one area of my life that hasn't changed. I still can't make a trip to Wally without taking a peak at the $ ribbon bins in the back. I might also have several tubs of ribbon in my craft room. Shh... don't tell.

Well, since I have a very dear friend who is having a little girl in just a few short months, I decided during my not so busy days on the sofa {aka - sick days}, that I would learn how to make some bows. They seem really easy, but I wanted to really know what I was doing so they looked somewhat professional. I found this short YouTube video that gives you an easy step by step of how to make a loop bow - perfect for babies and little girls.

What you'll need:
Ribbon {8-10 inches for your bow and 4 inches for your middle loop)
Hot Glue Gun & sticks
Needle & thread or Craft wire
Alligator clip {I bought these in bulk online -much cheaper}
Thin ribbon to cover your clip

First, I covered my alligator clip with a thin ribbon and hot glue. Next take your short ribbon and tie a knot. This will be your centerpiece. To make your loop bow, I would watch this video. It's the easiest way to learn, I promise! 

The finished product!  I made 6 bows in a little over an hour. Once you get the hang of it it's pretty easy! 

I think the pear bow turned out to be my favorite... but the ballet slippers and the 
"bah, bah, black sheep" were pretty cute too! 

Happy Crafting! 

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