Five on Friday

Happy Friday Friends!!! This has been a very different week for this gal. For once, I can say that it certainly hasn't flown by, but I guess when you only move from the bed to the sofa and never leave the house - time does sorta move at a turtles pace. ha!  Officially, I have bronchitis. 6 days of sicky and I am still coughing like a 70 year old smoker. No fun. I certainly wouldn't wish this on anyone, so please, take care of yourselves... bundle up, get your rest, and take your vitamins!

Other than being sick, we had an awesome snow this week and the ground is still covered. It's so beautiful! {cold, but beautiful!} I have definatly caught up on sleep... racking up a solid 10-12 hours a day and have almost finished by book I started last week. All an all a pretty solid week on the sofa!

Wanted to join in the Five on Friday link-up today! You may notice a trend in my favorites this week...

one. Honey Vanilla Chamomile Celestial Tea.
This flavor came in the holiday sampler pack we got for Christmas from a vendor. It's hands down my favorite {and believe me, I tried them all this week}, so I'm on the search for a single pack.

two. Vinyard Vines Sleep Pants.

I picked these cuties up in C'ville last week from the new Vineyard Vines store. They are on sale now for $44 and an additional half off - yes please! If you're buying online, you can use the code WHALE5014 for 50% all sale items. Stock up on your favorites today!

three. L.L.Bean Fleece Socks.

I have 4 pairs of these guys and I have lived in them this week. They are so warm and cozy - perfect with boots or around the house. $15.95 each, and they also come in really fun colors! The hubs has a couple pairs too that he loves.

four. The Melissa Button Boot.

This was my Merry Christmas from J and I am in LOVE!! I didn't fully believe that Frye's were worth the investment, but now I'm a believer. If you're considering them - do it! You won't be disappointed!! 

five. The Scrunch Down Vest.

Love this vest! It's the perfect mix of dressy and outdoors... just wish the price was a little better. Waiting for a sale, so I can snatch one up for myself. Now I just need to pick a color - I want them all!!

As you can see, I've been trying to stay warm and get well. Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend. I'll be laying low and trying to kick this bronchitis. Stay Warm!


  1. Feel better soon! I looked for the "La Croix" in coconut flavor this week at Harris Teeter but no luck. I'll keep my eyes peeled though for that and the tea! Love ya! xo

  2. PS. I've had my eye on that bean vest too! Let me know if you see it go on sale!

  3. i need new boots, like, yesterday. i've been eyeballing the melissa button boot for about a year. my old frye's are like four years old and i feel like they broke down kind of quickly…but that may have just been the style. oh well. anyway…new reader via the linkup. yay!

    1. Thanks for following! I eyed these boots for over a year too and I'm so glad I have them now. They go with everything!

  4. Feel better girlie!!!! Such a snuggly feeling post though....make me wanna curl up on the couch all day! :)

    1. Thank you! It certainly has been a snuggle week.