Five on Friday

I am in Jax this weekend for a work trip, so I thought I would dedicate my Five on Friday to my latest adventures and travel.

one. Black Sheep.
We had dinner here last night with just staff and it was so delicious! All the food if farm to table and so creative. We had a big time at dinner and even splurged on dessert... I mean, who can turn down Mississippi mud cake? That's me and my co-worker Andrew enjoying dessert!

two. My new Android tablet. 

It was awesome leaving my laptop at home for this trip. My carry-on was so much lighter and I had a ton more room for books, snacks and my purse. I'm all about traveling light! The tablet has certainly made that easier and I'm still able to stay connected. I have all my emails, documents {via drop box}, and entertainment all in one! It's just like an iPad for  fraction of the cost. So far, I'm living it!

Did you know that just for signing up you get free wi-fi and free beverage service delivered right to your room each morning. How delightful! It's the little things in life peeps. 

four. Wildbloom by Banana Republic.

I picked up this little happy during their after-Christmas sale at the outlets. It was $16, so I couldn't resist a try. It's the perfect spring perfume. It is advertised as "the spirit of you" for spontaneous, charming, and adventurous women who like to enjoy every moment of their day. What a sell... I mean, they got me.

five. Baby Holloford is on the way!! 

Ok, non travel related, but I have been busting at the seems to share the exciting news that one of my besties is due in June!! The cat was finally outta the bag at Christmas and the blogger world found out last week, so I am finally free to share too. I can't tell you how excited I am for M&M! They have been such great friends of ours and to watch them grow into parents is going to be another exciting adventure. We can't wait for showers, baptisms, birthday parties, school pictures and a lifetime of memories to come. We love you and couldn't be happier!! 

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Hope you all have a fabulous weekend! 


  1. Trace! I'm just now seeing this! Thanks so much for the shout-out:-) Can't wait to hear more about your weekend. PS. That mud cake looks divine. See you soon!