Game Day: Tiger Paw Door Decs

Remember this post last month about my door-dec brainstorming. Well, after a month I am finally posting my results. I made several for friends and one for us, and they all turned out super cute!  Making this tiger paw door dec was really fun and pretty simple too. 

All you need is burlap, paint, brushes, hot glue and scissors. For each paw-print you'll need around 1/2 yard of fabric and about 3 small bottles of acrylic paints. 

First draw and cut your fabric to your shape, cutting two shapes of the same size. Use hot glue to secure the two sides, leaving an opening to stuff the inside. 

Start painting with your outside layer or lighter color. 

Fill the inside of the paw print with the darker color next.

I let it dry overnight, so the white wouldn't mix and would go on brightly. Next, add the polka dots. 

Add some accents to the paw, to give it some character. 

Then add your text. This may have been the hardest part of the project, but I found a way to make it work. Find the font you want and print it out from your computer. Cover the backside of the paper with a thin layer of chalk, then put in place on your burlap. Trace over the letters with the chalk, to leave the letters marked on your project. Trace-over your letters with paint and ta-da. You have your text!

I used plastic bags to stuff mine - it probably took around 20 to give it a nice puff.  Stuff the bags inside, close your hole with hot glue, polish off with a small hanger and bow and you're ready to go. This one above is on it's way to SC for our good friends this weekend - hope they love it {and that she isn't reading to spoil the surprise}! 

War Eagle!

xo, trace 

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  1. this is precious! so well done!!! seriously looks like it is sold in a store!!! ove the pics to go along. :)