Five on Friday

TGIF!!  What a busy week it's been - which has also made it FLY by!  YAY! I'm linking up with the girls today for my 5 on Friday.  

{one} Wine Festival this weekend!

Our local wine {and now beer} festival is this weekend - and it's always a big time for Lex. Not to mention that some of our besties are coming to play...  I can't wait to catch up! 

{two} This adorable orange pillow from TJMaxx.

He fits perfectly with the fall decor in the house! He was also a steal at $14.99. Love me some Max finds!

{three} This workout from SHAPE.

I am 100% guilty of {a} picking up a magazine at the gym and flipping through it while on the treadmill, {b} finding this AMAZING workout {ha}, and {c} doing it once and never doing it again. Well, this week - I did a and b - but did the workout twice... which pretty much cancels out c, right? ha!  We'll see if it sticks.  So, far I  feel like I actually got a good workout in - but maybe that's because I haven't lifted a weight in months. Pick up this month's SHAPE to get the workout. 

{four} Fun Soaps

Picked up this guy from the Farmers Market last weekend from a sweet lady that makes them at home. Love the lemon scent.

{five} Living Debt FREE!!

OK, this is a big one - on my 30bfor30 list and something I wouldn't normally talk about on the blog - but I'm just so excited that I can't hide it!! Earlier this week, I made the last payment on my fun after college; I HAVE to go visit my brother in Key West; I have a new boyfriend - that lives 7 hours away; 10, no 15 of my very best friends and two brothers got married... bette parties, bridesmaid dresses, showers, gifts, hotels, traveling; moving 4 times; welcoming 8 nieces and nephews into the world; working for my sorority credit card - which makes me credit card debt free.  Well, sorta  - I guess once you get married and own two homes you're never really debt free, but that's good debt, right? Anyhoots - the hubs and I are celebrating at Blue Lab after work with some live music and cold brews.

Cheers to Friday! I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! Stay dry down there Gulf Coast.

xo, trace

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